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Call from the Brother - True Story


This is a story about my aunt. In all the years I've known her she has never believed in ghosts, totally dismissed it infact. Well one day sadly her brother passed away unexpectedly. The funeral took place, he was cremated, sometime afterwards there was some unrest as his partner organised the scattering of the ashes, she did not invite my aunt who understandably was very upset, she needed to know where her brothers final resting place would be. But this lady denied her of this.

A week later my aunt began to experience strange things. One night she woke up to what she believed was a torch shining from the hallway into her bedroom. Terrified she woke my uncle she thought they had a burglar. Uncle investigates and no one is there. He then admits he saw it too a few days before but did not mention it as he didn't want to scare aunt. He had been up in the attic and the light had shone down into the hall

way right infront of him. This carried on happening for several nights. A few days later aunt getting ready for bed locked up and switched all lights off. The next morning she was horrified to find the back door wide open and the Christmas tree lights switched on.

 My aunt double checks everything there's no way she would leave the back door open. And so the experiences kept happening. One day aunt cleaning the kitchen suddenly the radio in the sitting room turns on full blast she runs in thinking uncle had switched it on but no one there. And the time she was hair drying her hair something tugged on the hair dryer. Until finally she was hearing a voice calling her name and that voice was her brother. Aunt now believes ghosts exist and convinced her brother came to visit because of the unrest.

Her brothers resting place is still unknown.

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