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Bayless Apartments | True Story

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Bayless Apartments Harrisburg IL built in 1912(We lived in apartment 5D top left windows in the photo. The balcony was right below our laundry room)

I never believed in paranormal/ghosts until moving into the Bayless Apartments last year. My 4 year old son me and my bf moved in around February 2019 and moved out around January 2020. My bf became friends with one of the downstairs neighbors who mentioned seeing a group of people standing in the hallway late at night around 2-3am. He said he walked in the front door looked up the staircase and heard and saw a group of people standing dressed in old time clothing. He was in shock and scared so he immediately went to his apartment not looking back. He also mentioned hearing kids running up and down the stairs late at night but when he went to check nobody was around. I didn't believe in ghosts so when my bf told me the story I just kinda laughed it off not believing a word of it. Late September I decided to put Halloween decorations up with my 4 year old son that's when I started to experience things. A few nights after putting up our decor me and my son home alone were sitting right next to each other watching TV.

 I heard footsteps walking in our kitchen but I didn't want to scare my son so I tried to keep calm and didn't mention it. My son turns and looks at me and asks me "Mommy who's in the kitchen?" At that point I'm scared and speechless. I didn't see anything just heard it but I truly believe my son saw someone walking around. Turned on all the lights after that and couldn't wait for my bf to be off work. My son started talking about men I've never heard of Johnny being one of them I can remember. My son started having trouble sleeping during the night staying wide awake up until 4 or 5 am at times and he wouldn't sleep without me right next to him. I remember one night he woke from a dead sleep talking to himself got off the couch and walked straight to a coin on the floor and picked it up. I asked him what he was doing and he said that they told him to go pick it up. It seemed like things got stranger late at night around 1-3am(I know that sounds so cheesy but it's TRUE. Although I have experienced things during the day only when completely alone)Theres a balcony you can crawl out the window and stand on I was bored one night feeling brave apparently and decided to go out the window and stand on the balcony to see the view. It was tempting because the window didn't even have a screen so it made it easy to get out.

As soon as I stood up on the balcony I took a picture and the door to the room creaked all the way open. I got back inside so fast. Never went out there again. One night I woke up to get a snack and my bf got up to use the bathroom. I made my sandwich got out some pickles and chips and started eating I thought my bf was still using the bathroom it felt like someone was in there. I walked past and saw a figure on the toilet/hovered near by didn't think much of it because I thought it was my bf. Come to find out my bf wasnt in the bathroom he was laying back in bed right after I saw my bf laying down I heard this strange sound I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I finally go to the kitchen table and listen closely and the pickle jar on the table is vibrating the lid. I bairly tighten the lid and it stops. My boyfriend heard knocking on the bathroom door while home alone. He also heard his name being whispered in his ear while using the bathroom. Hes heard objects fall in other rooms while alone. I've heard food being thrown around in the fridge late at night. I know fridges can make strange sounds but it was nothing like that. One night I reached to turn off the light above the stove and I heard this growling noise right in my ear.

I cant even begin to explain the noise it wasnt anything human. Left the light on after that. I've heard scratching on my bed and felt watched when being alone. I had a friend stay one night because I was scared they ended up hearing children running up and down the stairs around 2am he went to look and nobody was there. One day coming home from grocery shopping something told me to open this closet door next to my front door to my apartment. I didn't hear anything to make me want to open it, something just told me to open it. It just had the silver tube venting in it. When I opened the door I saw a dove sitting there. A week later a owl comes to my sons window and sits and stairs in at us for hours. While taking a shower I heard my son saying my name over and over. It bothered me so much I stepped out grabbed a towel and check on my son. I asked him what he needed and why he kept asking for me. He said he didn't say my name and had been watching TV the whole time. I get back in the shower to finish and I hear water dripping like a leak from the ceiling I look out and swear I even see water drops falling. Get out to investigate and theres nothing. I would hear banging on all the walls. Around 1-3am if I looked at the clock time felt like it stood still. I even remember looking at the clock and it being around 3am I heard a noise down the hall that scared me something rummaging through a closet.

 I turned the lights on and start taking pictures on my phone to see if I can catch something in a photo. No luck but the noises stopped for the night. But when I go back to look at the clock the time hasn't moved and I know it had been atleast 15-20 minutes.The whole building gives off a bad vibe just when you walk in. I got to where I could hardly be home alone. I felt like I was being watched. Lights would flicker that had just been changed. Especially the bathroom something extremely weird about that room for some reason. I spent many late nights sitting up all lights in the apartment on with my hood up sitting on my couch scared to death. So many strange things happened in that apartment that made me a believer. I would of thought I was crazy myself if my neighbor bf son brother and friend didn't experience something scary as well. The weirdest part is if I wasnt sober I didn't experience anything. I drank heavily the last few months of living there and it seemed to help me ignore whatever it was bothering us. I'm now living in a different apartment and havent experienced a single thing. Was curious if anyone else in illinois has lived in these apartments and experienced anything.

I almost forgot Right before we moved I also experienced something strange. My friend can only describe as a panic attack. I was in my bedroom after a shower picking an outfit out and I had this bad feeling of being watched I hurried got my clothes on and went to the living room and sat by my friend on the couch. I look over toward my sons room and I see this round bright light. As soon as I see it it disappears and everything goes dark. I have no control over my body. It almost took my breath away. It only lasted a few moments. My heart was beating so fast after it passed and it took me awhile to gain composure and talk about it to my friend. He said I sat on the couch and all of a sudden jerked back and had so much fear on my face. He said he was talking to me but I wouldn't reply. It was terrifying and it was a huge relief to move out that week!

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