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A few months after meeting my now husband, his parents invited us out to dog-sit. My husband had described where they lived now (he didn’t grow up in this home), and it sounded intriguing and beautiful. A 2-story, picturesque log cabin style home situated at the foothills of the Helderberg Mountains with a tiny Creek 200 feet in the backyard anchored by woods on all sides. They’ve even been known to have an occasional bear visitor.I was looking forward to a quiet weekend out of the city to say the least. What they failed to tell me was that there were no neighbors for 2 miles in either direction! As we drove closer to their home that evening at sunset my heart sank, beautiful indeed, but not a soul in sight.

Once we arrived we enjoyed some wine on the wrap-around front porch and settled in for the evening. This time of year in this part of the country, you sleep with the windows open. To my surprise, well past midnight on a dark moonless night, I heard distinct female giggles and whispers coming from the window. We were on the second story! I poked at my husband who eventually awoke and heard the same sounds! It was as if a couple of women were peering in. The exact words were undecipherable and I speak (very basically) a couple of languages, so definitely nothing I recognized, but the giggles and sounds were in a mocking, chattery tone. I reminded my husband we were on the 2nd floor and that’s when he really became alert and nervous. He hustled us down to the first floor so that there would be an exit accessible to us. He went out cautiously to inspect the perimeter of the house but found absolutely nothing except the dark of night.

We eventually ended up falling asleep on the couches downstairs with a pit in our stomachs. That was one of the most sleepless nights of my life as I felt like we could still hear the whispers and giggles only more faintly. The next morning, my husband tried to shrug off the sounds and the need to move downstairs. He blamed the babbling of the creek behind the house, yet I don’t recall hearing anything while sitting on the porch the prior evening at all. It would have been strange for the creek to suddenly become so noisy. Upon their return, I told his parents about it and they got a chuckle out of the events, yet they did note that several people in the community had made mention that their entire area was deeply steeped in Native American folklore as this was a large settlement of theirs originally. They wondered whether it was Native American spirits spying in on their new “guests”.

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