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Christmas Day

One year, can't remember which but it was a Christmas I would never forget.

We had about 20 people in my mum's house, my aunties, uncles, cousins, brother and sister, my sister's family, my nan grandad you name it they were all there. After dinner we were all playing games, you know the ones, where you act out a movie and people have to guess what it is. 

We were all having a really good time when 1 by one every door in the house started to slam shut starting from upstairs all the way down stairs then the lights went off. One of My cousins left and after that he never set foot in my mum's house ever again. Anyway, after it happened my mum had just about had enough so she set up a voice recorder, and she managed to catch it chanting something in a different language, I was there and nobody made a sound, you hear my mum talking asking it questions, but all we had was the chanting. 

We don't know what it was but she caught it and it was the most evil sounding thing. I've honestly never heard anything like it and won't ever forget that voice. The experiences started happening when our neighbour killed her husband back in the early 90s. For any of you who want to look in to it, you're free to but go careful... I'm sure there will be something online about it because it was a very brutal incident for all involved and we think that's what has caused all this activity. My mum was the first to live in the house and everything was fine up until that moment. Over the years the activity has died down a bit but things do still happen, just not as much and not so... terrifying.

I'm happy to answer any questions but won't talk about the murder as it was really horrific and i don't want to upset anyone, but if you look it up and find anything about it, please don't say I didn't warn you. The way I'm going to do this is, if you want to look it up, say you do in the comments and I'll give you some "clues" which should be enough for you to find it... never know, might not be anything... then again... if you're good at researching you might just find it! If you do find something, send me the link, over the years there's been so many rumors and no one seems to know the whole truth. All we know for sure is, this happened.

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  1. Really interested in these clues bud, things like that fascinate me