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The Rosalie Raymond White Tombstone

Blake and Rosalie White had eight children but sadly five did not make it past childhood. Little Rosalie Raymond White was one of those five.

Rosalie Raymond White was born on January 27th, 1882, to parents Blake and Rosalie White. Sadly young Rosalie was to pass away on September 5th, 1882 at the age of just 7 months.

The style of Rosalie’s grave is known as a “cradle grave” because of the resemblance to a baby’s crib but what makes this tombstone even more unusual is that it also has Rosalie's death mask positioned where the baby's head would lay.

The inscription on the right side of cradle reads, "Bye and bye in God's Good Time when all our work is done, We too shall find the waiting bar And you our little one".

This remarkable tombstone can be located at the Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, Charleston County, in South Carolina.

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