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Old Man

My uncle told me this story when I was a little kid, I've never forgotten it...

He was young, walking home late one night from a girlfriend's house and was taking a shortcut across a large empty field. When he saw an older man who called out to him.. "Hey, young man!" my uncle walked over to him and could barely see his face it was so dark. 

The older man said.. "You shouldn't be walking through here this is a dangerous place, there's robbers and thieves here!" My uncle said.. "oh yeah!" and the older man sounding a little irritated said.. "Yeah, I Got Jumped Here Once, There Was Two of Them, One of The Bastards Stabbed Me In The Side!" and my uncle said.. "No Shit; what happened then?" 

The older man stepped-up almost face to face with my uncle, he looked really angry and he shouted at my uncle.. "What Happened, What Do You Mean What Happened? - What The Hell Do You Think Happened? - I DIED HERE!" 

And the man just disappeared right in front of my uncle. 

My uncle told me "Dude, I never ran away so fast in my life!"

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