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The Dream (True Story)

I was 19 years old at the time. Young, stupid college student and I partied hard, staying out in all hours of the night getting drunk with friends. I was still living at home with my parents but I was only coming home maybe 2x a week to sleep. At this time my parents were kind of separated and my older sister was going through divorce so she was at the house bunking with my little sister and I in our shared bedroom - all the more reason for me to stay out, right?!? We had a full house again!

It was early Sunday morning and I finally crawled into my own bed at about 5:30 am. I was exhausted after a long night of partying with my friends. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out cold.

I had this dream that I was lost wondering around the streets of my neighborhood. I remember feeling like I was being followed by some evil but I couldn't quite make out what it was. I felt absolute terror so eventually I finally found my way to our street and back to my house. Scared I went straight to bed thinking I'm home so I'm safe. Then I heard it coming around the backyard and up to my window. For some reason scared as I was, I was curious and I wanted to see what it was. Well whatever it was, it was definitely a witch/monster of some sort. She had a greenish tint to her skin, long black stringy hair and long arms with long fingers. She broke my window and was trying to yank me out of my room. I just remembered praying so hard that eventually she let go but not without leaving huge scratch marks on my back.

That was when I woke up to excruciating pain on my back. It was so painful I just laid there nearly in tears. The pain didn't feel like a usual backache; it definitely felt like I was clawed. I saw that my older sister was still sleeping next to me so instead of checking out my back I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. When we all woke up a few hours later I told my sister about this dream. She lifted my shirt to look at my back and sure enough there were 3 claw marks about 8 inches in length that ran diagonally across my back. I wasn't bleeding from it but it definitely broke my skin.

This was probably one of the most scariest things I've experienced. My mom always warned me about going out to strange places and meeting strange people and that eventually something would latch onto me and follow me home. And she was right.

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