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So here's my strange story. This happened about 5-6 years ago, i had a friend (lets call him "Steve") who bought a cheap pre-pay phone (the ones where you have to buy the card thing for minutes) so Steve used it for a few months until he was able to afford a better one. Anyways, the cheap pre-pay phone wouldn't send or receive calls or text messages unless it had minutes, once he re-uped on his minutes he would receive the missed calls and txts. 

So Steve left the phone in his closet since he didn't need it anymore, but he left it on. One day it received a txt message that didn't make sense like random letters. The message didn't have any reply or delete options and didn't have the time or date at the bottom or anything and after he would open, read, then close the message it wouldn't save in his inbox. after a few weeks the random words started to make sense like "why", "hello", and "not those shoes"but the messages didn't. Steve thought it was weird so he would always recharge the phone and leave it there. it was three of us that would always hang out at Steve's house and one day we were just chillin listening to some music and we got a random txt from the phone "turn it down, your moms getting mad" and sure enough his mom knocks on the door and tells us the music is a little too loud. We were both amazed and creeped out. 

Then it started happening so often that we would carry the phone with us and ask it questions and it would answer back with either one word or short senescence. So about the time when we realized it would answer us my older brother(lets call him "Bob") dropped by cuz he was bored and wanted to chill. We quickly told him what was happening and told him to ask it a question, he gave us a little skeptical grin and asked "are you a bitch?" and right then and there the phone gets a message "not funny Bob" then he just threw it back at us and had a WTF face. The creepy part was that the phone was talking to us three the whole day and right then and there it already knew my brothers name who had barely gotten there. 

I start calling bullshit on the phone and start going through the settings and just messing with it and I get a message "put me down FuhQhardcore" i just drop the phone and say fuck that shit. The next day We're at my other friends house and we just have the phone there, now to let you guys know, i hate mayo like really really hate it(i had a nasty experience when i was in the 3rd grade) so we start asking each other and wondering who was txting us and we get a txt "if you want to know who i am eat a sandwich with a lot of mayo" right away i knew the message was for me. 

Everyone started laughing and trying to make me eat one but i just couldn't. then after we calmed down i get a txt " 'Kim' is calling you FuhQHardcore" and right then my cell phone starts ringing and its her I was like wtf, I answer and and she just wanted to know what I was up to and if I was gonna go over later. (she was my girlfriend at the time) It would also ask and tell my friends stuff, but I mostly remember the parts that involved me. 

So yea, this goes on for about a month until the phone stopped charging and died out.

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