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Great Grandparents

My great grandfather passed away 15 years ago. My great grandmother passed away less than a year after him. Because of this story, I also believe my great grandparents check in on me on my birthday.

My younger brother had just been born. He was a few months old at that point. My grandmother, my great grandparents daughter, was staying with us to help with my mom take care of my sisters and I so my mom could take care of my brother.

It was sometime between 3a.m-4a.m on July 31st. My birthday. I was sleeping in my bed and my younger sister was sleeping in her bed on the opposite side of the room. My bed was right by the door. I woke up to the sound of my door opening. I thought it was my parents coming in to sing happy birthday to me. I rolled over to see if it was my parents only to see it wasn’t. I saw a black figure poking his head out from behind the door with his hand holding the door. He was looking straight at me. I didn’t need to see his eyes to know. I felt it. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think about trying to talk to him. I was completely frozen. I couldn’t tell you how long he was standing there. I didn’t take my eyes off of him at all.

After some time, he backed out into the hallway. I realized what I saw and freaked out. My baby brother was downstairs asleep with my mom in our living room. I didn’t know if he was going to hurt them or if it was just a person who had broken in the house. I wanted to make sure my brother and mom were safe. I got up and ran down the stairs only to see no one there. I ran all over the house looking to see if someone had broken in or if I could find him. I checked every room and every closet. He was nowhere to be found.

I told my family what had happened that morning. My parents said that they’d locked all the doors and windows. No one had gotten in. The only question left was, “what, or who, was that?” My family told me I was crazy.

Less than a year later, on my older sisters birthday, my sister said she thought she saw my grandmother in the hallway. When we asked her to describe what she saw, she said she saw an old woman with a pink cap and pink robe. My grandmother confirmed that her mom would wear a pink cap and pink robe to bed every night. That was only confirmation for me.

What we were seeing was my great grandparents coming in to check on us on our birthday every year. Now, we know that we’re being watched over. We also know that ghosts are real.

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