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I wanted to share something that happened to me when I was about three years old. It’s not really scary for me, but I think the you will enjoy it.

I was always a healthy child, until about the age of two and a half. I had to go to the dr because I was getting sick a lot. They gave me a check up, and said I had swelling in my neck (lymph nodes.) They wanted to run a few tests to make sure that I didn’t have leukemia(cancer.) The test came back normal, but a few weeks later, I got really sick again. Suddenly I couldn’t walk one night. My mom was giving me a bath and I would hold my knee up and scream in pain. 

My parents rushed me to the hospital where they ran several tests on me. They decided that I had scarlet fever and that I was pretty sick, the scarlet fever had settled in my hip, and I held my knee up, to keep my hip from hurting.....but they also felt like I still might have cancer. I was in the hospital for three days while they were checking me out. My mom and dad asked for my family to start praying really hard for me.

One morning, I woke up, and I was no longer in my body. I was at the top of the hospital room, and I could see myself laying in the hospital bed. I remember thinking, how am I up here, and down there at the same time? Then being three, I just started thinking I could probably reach up and touch the ceiling. When I reached up, I realized I wasn’t alone. There was a beautiful red headed woman sitting next to me, and she pulled me close to her for a hug. 

She smiled at me and it was like my heart was so full. I remember the feeling I had was just total peace. I never wanted to leave that spot. I remember looking around the room, and I really wanted to hold a little blue bottle of lotion that was on the table next to my body. Then I woke up again and was back in my body. I didn’t feel sick anymore. Soon all of my tests came back normal and I went home. I was really depressed because I wanted that feeling back that I had. I was obsessed with that peaceful feeling. I would’ve done anything to feel like that again.

I remember when I saw it..... it was a picture of the same woman who was with me at the top of the ceiling. Come to find out, it was my grandma, who had passed away six months before I was born. I had a connection to her from then on. I was too young to explain it all to my parents. I finally told them when I was around twelve years old, when that memory had just popped into my head. I think maybe I did in fact have cancer, and maybe my family’s prayers worked. ??I think God let her bring me my healing ??

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