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Small Double House

Location: Pennsylvania

I would happen to say that for as long as I had lived in a small double house in a quiet town of Pennsylvania, things always seemed odd to me. There were times when my sister, my younger brother and I would "experience" things. There was no time that I could remember best then when I had returned home from my first night of work. I was excited by my new experience, and had retired up to my bedroom. 

Now, because of the house size, my sister and brother shared the same bedroom. To the left of the bedroom, was a small room that my dad had converted into an office for his business. Anyway, as I went upstairs to bed, my father came out of the little room and asked me how my first day went, and then wished me goodnight. He went downstairs, and while I laid in bed pondering the "riches" that I would make, I started to hear a light tapping that started on the baseboard under the window. 

The knocking got louder as it went up the wall, on the window, I remember because it sounded like someone rapping on the glass, up the wall, across the ceiling, this sounded like someone rolling a bowling ball across the attic stairs. This stopped for a second, then started to roll across the ceiling, down the wall, down the window, down the baseboard and then started up again. At this time my sister awoke, asked me what was going on and then she got real scared. 

I was tarried too, because I didn't know what to make of it. This process happened three times of up and down. By the second time, my sister jumped into my bed and together we huddled under my blanket. The next morning, I asked my dad what that was after telling him the story and he had said that it was the cable outside the house. Funny thing was there was no cable there! 

There were other times when we would hear footsteps up and down the stairways and my dad would say it was the neighbors next door. 

Who would walk up and down their stairs all night long?

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