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Black Shadow


I’ve got quite a spooky story here. Well spooky to me anyway. It was about 10 years ago maybe even more than that I don’t remember exactly but I was quite young. It was the day of my great nan's funeral and after it we all went back to my other nan's house for a gathering. 

At the time I had a thing about earrings and I knew my nan had taken my great nan's jewellery box to keep it safe, and coz she knew I liked them she said to me you can go and choose a pair of earrings from ur great nan's jewellery box. So I went upstairs into my nan's room and the jewellery box was on the bed, so I looked through and chose a pair of red rose studs I loved them. 

As I closed the box something caught my eye and I turned my head and looked out the door way and seen a black tall shadow walk out of the bathroom and down the stairs. I was absolutely terrified and ran back downstairs to my family and told them what happened. 

They believed me. My nan then told me that she sees these black shadows all the time and always has done ever since she lived in the house. And I wasn’t the only one who saw the black shadow. My sister did when she used to stay at my nan's and also my cousin has too. Will never forget that day. My nan still lives in that house! Till this day I hate going upstairs on my own lol

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