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White Horse with Wings

My teacher was working in hospice and taking care of a terminal little boy. One day when she arrived at the home to take care of him, the little boy was excited. She asked him what is it that he's excited about this morning? He asked her, don't you see it? My teacher asked, see what? 

He pointed to an empty space in the living room. My teacher asked, what is it that he sees. The boy replied that there is a white horse with wings there. My teacher asked the boy, what is it doing here? The boy replied that he is supposed to go on a ride, but not yet. The teacher relayed the story to her mom in her daily updates.

A month later when my teacher arrived in the morning to care for boy, he was a ball of excitement and energy. My teacher asked why he was so excited this morning. The boy said that the white horse with wings is here to give him a ride. The ride is going to be a very long ride and he is not coming back. My teacher asked what he thought of it. The boy replied that he's happy to go on the ride, but he knows that the ride will make his mommy sad. The boy asked my teacher to tell his mom that he is happy and that he will be okay. My teacher agreed.

When my teacher had a break, she quietly called the mom. She informed her that the boy saw the white horse and if she remembered what that meant. The mom knew. The mom immediately left work. The boy passed away that night.

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