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Do Not Go to Sleep on a Full Stomach

If you have just eaten a large meal, and are feeling bloated and drowsy, beware of any unseen eyes watching you. When you go to sleep that night, do not sleep on your back, although your full stomach might have you do otherwise...

If you do not heed these warnings you may be awoken but paralysed by a creature wanting to terrify or kill you in your half asleep state. Pisadeira needs to feed...

Do Not Go To Sleep On A Full Stomach!

We have all heard of the Old Hag syndrome, a classic explanation for sleep paralysis, but in certain parts of Brazil they have their own explanation... and this one is said to be capable of killing you.

Pisadeira is typically described as a very thin, bony woman, with short legs and messy, long hair. She has a large, hooked and pointed nose and wide, red eyes. Her fingers are long and thin and end in long yellow nails or claws. Her teeth are sharp and the inside of her mouth is coloured green.

The description of Pisadeira's looks is creepy enough but it is the horrific giggle and laugh that really sets this being apart. Although many descriptions have Pisadeira as silent, many, possibly from survivors, have it that if you are targeted you can hear the call – a shrill laugh that only those who are soon to meet Pisadeira are able to hear.

Victims are typically those who have just had a really large meal and are in a dozy state. Pisadeira, who stalks about on roofs and in roof cavities, will see this and know that that person will be in a deep sleep that night... and most importantly will likely be sleeping belly up.

She will enter the room of the victim, climb on the bed and then sit on top of the victims chest. She will then either press down or stomp on the chest and stomach of the chosen, causing slow suffocation as breathing is interrupted. Pisadeira could just throttle the victim with her powerful grip but she does in fact want to wake you...

When you awaken you are paralysed with fear and unable to move. You (and only you) can see and hear what is going on but you are helpless to do anything. You can mentally call your limbs to move, for your mouth to cry out, but your physical body will not obey. Your rising fear only serves to make Pisadeira stronger.

One of two things will happen next: either the horribly slow torture will continue until you breathe your last.. another victim of an unsolved death... or Pisadeira will leave you, soon your body will reawaken and you will only have a vague memory of what took place.

If you survive you might feel lucky but unfortunately luck is not really on your side; Pisadeira will be back in the future and will be able to terrify you even more, making for a better 'meal'.

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