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Engagement Ceremony

I was 13 back then, an Introvert I was. My parents forced me to go to an engagement ceremony of a rich man with them whom I didn't even know. I had to go as they said. That place was big, and as we walked up the stairs, I noticed a window which led to the view of a beautiful garden and a swing was there. I was attracted very much, just to stay alone, I didn't know anyone and I was Introvert as I said. After eating the food, my mom said that they have to stay there for some hours, so I asked them if I could go to the garden, she said I could go if they had no problem. 

So I went there and found out there was no problem. I sat on the swing, put my earphones and started to read a book, totally getting into my sort of world. Time flew. It was winter, so it got dark at 5:30 PM, I was thinking of going back up, my eyes went to that staircase window, from where I first noticed that spot. Over there someone was staring at me, I couldn't make out if that was a male or female but there was a person. I felt uncomfortable but I thought that the person might be smoking. After a glance, the person was not there. I felt weird. I heard another swing which was little far from where I was sitting. I looked back to find a young man with his head turned to the right, I couldn't see his face. I never noticed him coming but I thought he came from the back and was sleeping. So I finally decided to go up and while I was going, I heard my someone's voice from the pump room close to the garden, he called out my name. I went in without thinking, but I noticed that it was a dark pump room, why would someone be there? I was very brave and innocent, so I didn't bother. 

There was no one there. I started walking back and my back hit something, I jumped on reflex and fell down outside the pump room, there was nothing, but I was sure something touched my back. As I stood up and looked at the garden, the young man was not on the swing, I turned back to close the door and the Man was standing there right in front of me, his head turned right. I screamed,closed the door and ran for my life, I fell down twice, but managed to run away.

Two years passed, I nearly forgot that incident, at least for then. Even my parents didn't believe me, they convinced me that I saw stupid things because I was scared for being alone for too long.
I was packing my clothes from my almirah, then I noticed those clothes were kept on a newspaper, my eyes caught up the headlines, which said "Man found dead, neck snapped at Argon palace(the place I went on the ceremony two years ago) pump room. Police couldn't find any proof." The newspaper was 5 years old.

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