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Old Car

Around the early 90's we had a friend named Juan; Big Dude, fearless, intimidating-lookin'. so naturally he was a bouncer at several strip bars. one day he bought a used car, an old, rusty, beat-up Thunderbird. we used to make fun of him about it, we called his car a 'Thunder-chicken', we'd say something like.. "Here comes Juan in his Thunder-Chicken, clucking down the road!" but we only said that when he couldn't hear us, it would have been suicide to say it to his face (Suicide by Juan!)

Anyway, though he himself never saw anything, he claimed that his roommates woke him up one night saying that there was somebody in his car. So Juan rushes out to the driveway and there's no one in the car and the doors are locked. his roommates swore they saw someone in the backseat. a few nights later while at the bar one of the other bouncers came to him and said.. "I was out in the parking lot and saw someone sitting in the backseat of your car, so I go over to check it out, but there was no one there?" another time Juan tells me, he was giving a ride home to some of the other employees at the end of the night. 

One particular girl gets in the backseat and immediately says.. "Whooa.. Crazy Vibes Back Here, Man!" apparently she was like a sensitive/psychic or something? she went on to say.. "the guy that used to own this car lived and died in it, he's still here!" the car is packed and everybody starts laughing! and Juan all pissed off yells.. "F***, Why Does Everybody See This Guy But Me?!" and the psychic girl says.."Oh, he's afraid of you, Man!" and again everybody starts cracking up!

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