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Hi my name is Maria and I am 23, I have never really believed in ghosts but I don't think I can deny them(or whatever this was)anymore. Until about 2 months ago I never believed people when they told me ghost stories, scary movies never frightened me and I never thought ghosts were real until. I had an apartment with a girlfriend of mine while we were attending college at UT at Arlington, we lived alone just the two of us and we were getting along fine, about 3 weeks after we moved into the place I started finding some of my clothes missing and jewelry, it would wind up in her room. 

I started blaming her, and she was blaming me for the same thing ( her stuff in my room). One night I came home from a party and no one was home, everything in the kitchen was now in the living room, and all my furniture in the living room was in the kitchen,,,I was so mad assuming it was a practical joke I went and confronted her about it, she swore it was not her. These experiences were happening more and more and I started to get nervous, thinking that maybe it was some of our friends. 

About two days after I came home from thanksgiving break, me and my roommate were sitting in the living room(after putting all the furniture back) when the television started to go on and off, the kitchen and hallway lights too(not at the same time) we both looked at each other and I could see the horror in her eyes, soon Sarah's (my roommate) dog a small jack russel terrior, started barking at the love seat as if someone was there, but they weren't, I couldn't move(the love seat was directly to my right) I just kept staring. We looked at each other and jumped up, as we ran to my bed room the lights that surround the bathroom mirrors started to burst for no reason. 

We turned directly around and ran for the front door, Sarah went back to pick up her puppy when he snapped at her( he has never done this  before) she dropped him and he slowly walked into the kitchen as if someone was calling him, we continued to run out the front door, when I tripped and fell and landed on my knees and hands, In front of the door were about 11 moving boxes open and filled with our stuff( they were not there before) We didn't stop to think about it, Tibbo(sarah's dog) was now at the front door with us, and Sarah grabbed him and we ran all the way to her car and drove off!...

We had our boyfriends go back and get our stuff, I have now moved in with my boyfriend and Sarah has gone to her mothers. We talked to the landlady a few days later and she said that no one has lived in this apartment for longer than 3 months. 

I don't think anyone has moved in after us, but I am still watching for them. Just to see if the same thing happens to them.

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