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Old House

I used to live in this older house from 0-5 years old. This house was very very old and I believe one of the previous homeowners used to own slaves due to the verbiage in the deed of the house. This memory came back to me in a dream because I usually dream about my childhood or have nightmares or dream about something really really odd. 

This house was a cape cod so the upstairs was incredibly small. You could only turn left or right to enter into the two rooms that were located up there. There was a closet also located at the top of the stairs with a mirror on the outside of it. The basement of this house was not finished and was concrete flooring and cylinder block walls. The washing machine and dryer were located behind the “see-through” wooden stairs. 

My toys and playroom were downstairs in the basement. So in my memory I was downstairs playing and I remember feeling like I was being watched so i turned around and I see this tall black figure standing where the washing machine is behind the see-through wooden stairs. I remember being so scared that I was frozen. I woke up from my memory/dream after that.

The reason I dream about this old house is because a lot of traumatic things happened to my sister and I guess myself because I have A LOT of memories from that house and this was all before the age of 5 years old. I have a lot of good memories from this house but my sister has a lot of bad ones. She was about 12-13-14 years old when she lived there. 

I was always scared being alone in that house because my parents would go out to the detached garage for “alone time”. And I remember always staring down the hallway by the basement door when sitting in the living room and feeling like I was being watched.

I was constantly going outside spying on my parents in the garage or walky -talkying them from the living room because I would be scared.

My mom blames my dad for telling us ghost stories but I don't ever remember him telling me ghost stories at that house. I just remember how that house made me feel. And it was always at night time that I was scared.

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