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Ghost Cat

My family and I moved into our house in December 2017. The house was built in 1950 so it’s not extremely old. My husband and I share the master bedroom that’s the attic of the house. I have a cat who loves to sleep with us and cuddle or knead the blankets at night. Sometimes I wake up when she jumps up on the bed and I’ll sit up and call her to me, pick her up to me, or kick her out of the bed which ever kind of mood I’m in really.

Well, ever since we’ve moved into this house I feel her jump up on bed at night but when I sit up to look she isn’t on the bed. So then I thought, maybe I just keep waking up when she is getting down. After that I started to wait to sit up and see until I am positive it is her on the bed, kneading he blankets and slowly walking around like a cat would. Sometimes of course it is my cat but most the time I see absolutely nothing on my bed and I stop feeling any of the movement as soon as I open my eyes and look.

I’m trying to convince myself it is a ghost cat. I’m okay with a little ghost kitty. ????

How have or would all of you go about finding out the history of your house?

Anyone else feel something similar?

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