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I was married and had my first daughter, everything seemed fine at first, until she reached a month, weird things started happening around the house. I remember my daughter waking us up in the morning crying, at that age i wasn't comfortable with her sleeping on her own so id lay her on the side of my bed where the wall was me in the middle then her dad on the edge. So that being said there was no way that a 1 month old baby could fall from the bed, she would have to jump over me and her dad. I remember being scared and freaked out wondering how that was even possible. I would check for bruises and cute and no there was nothing, no marks, nothing. That went on two more times, days apart. One day the last day it happened the tv in our living room was on and there were cartoons playing i remember the time being 2-3 in the morning. 

So of course i went to investigate and see why my tv was on so i turned it off, laid back down trying to remember if i left it ok but i was pretty sure i didn't. In the middle of me thinking "boom" tv turns on again same channel, cartoons. I got up thinking maybe its the control trying to find an explanation for why that was happening. I go to turn on the light from the living room and the tv changed channels to another cartoon channel like if someone was literally there watching cartoons. We had an extra room for the baby just prepared for when she got older with toys. Toys would turn on at night like if someone would play with them, we had a garage and one night we heard the garage door open, my husband got up to check if anyone came in the moment he opened the door to check a control toy car hit his leg and the car sounded like the garage door opening. 

He checked the car didn't even have batteries. He didn't really care he didn't believe in ghost or things like that. At that point i didn't even know what was going om that was my first experience i was also trying to figure out what was going on. I mean it was hard to believe. It was a Saturday and we woke up early to go to the flea market. When we got back to the house, the house smelled like gas, when we went to the kitchen all the gas stoves were on, toys everywhere, tv on. Literally like if someone was inside our home when we were gone. 

I called my mom and told her what was going on as my last resort and that's when she said she was coming over and bringing my grandma witch btw from my last post is a (witch). Another story for another time. Well, my grandma came to the house took everyone out, and only her went inside. Keep in mind i never even told my grandma what i was experiencing and i didn't go into full detail with my mother, so there could of been no way for her to know. 

She came out telling me there are kids called duendes (kids that died and never found the way to the light) she said they weren't mean, even gave me names, i don't remember all the names just one "anna". She said they said sorry for playing with the baby, making mess or scaring me, but they liked to be around me. My grandma said i had the authority to tell them to leave, so i did it i told them to leave, they were scaring me and hurting my baby. So they did leave for years. They left me alone; until i saw them again

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