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A True Story

A lot of people don't believe in Ghosts, Spirits and Demons. I've felt, seen and heard enough things to fully believe it. I've spoken to Mediums and they told me I'm a Psychic, hence why I can see, hear and feel them. My scariest encounter was last night. While I was having a shower I saw a brown cat run through my bedroom door and down the hallway but we don't have a cat. 

Afterwards I was watching TV when all of a sudden I felt a very strange presence in my house, I was wide awake then suddenly felt really tired, I layed down on the couch and started falling asleep slowly, my friend woke me up saying she's going to bed, I told her I'd have a smoke then come with her. I was having a smoke in the lounge when I heard whispering coming from either the lounge or kitchen. I felt like I had to leave the room so I put my smoke out in the ash tray then went to bed. I told her about it so she told me to white light myself and the house (white light protects you Spiritually) as I was imagining white lighting the house I tried to do it in the hallway and saw a black hooded figure standing there, I kept trying to white light further but every time I did it'd raise it's arms and push my light back, every time it did that I felt myself getting more tired.

I tried about 3 times before I eventually pushed it back and made it fade, I kept doing it and it faded away more and more until it finally disappeared. I felt my body jolt with energy then I was wide awake, I felt like I was going to faint so I drank some water then I was fine. My friend told me she kept asking if I was alright but I didn't even say anything, I was telling her about it when the neighbors dogs started barking which made the other dogs on the street bark too, we heard banging sounds and stuff smashing at the neighbors house. 

We kept talking when we heard Siri on my iPhone 4 which was on charge and on the other side of the room saying I needed to connect to the internet or something but we didn't hold the home button down to do it. That night I had a nightmare/vision, there was a white flash, I was standing in the hallway and seen the same figure standing where it was, it looked angry, there was another white flash and I saw it's Demonic hands grab my neck and choke me, there was another white flash and I was on my knees while it continued. Today I feel really tired, like I'm going to faint and have a headache and my nightmare/vision keeps repeating in my head. I'm kind of worried it's going too come back and do something worse.

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