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Symptoms of Ghosts Infesting Land or a Building

  • Somewhere that feels really creepy. You might feel like you really don’t want to be there all alone although you can’t quite figure out why.

  • A place where there have been many deaths. The deaths might be suspicious (e.g. multiple murders) but not necessarily so! A place where there are suddenly several bad traffic accidents, for example, might have been suddenly infested by a demon.

  • A place where many businesses have started and gone bankrupt – over and over in the same location.

  • A place where various phenomena happen. Thumping noises, remote controls flying across the room, the power cutting off, whining or howling sounds, and so on.

  • A place where people who normally feel fine instead feel lots of negative emotions – heavy, depressed, thinking lots of negative thoughts about themselves, and so on.

  • If you notice that you were happy and then you walked into a place and suddenly felt negative – then walk back out and feel fine shortly thereafter – this is a great clue that demons of some kind are there!

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