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Spirit at Home

Our house that was flooded by the June 2013 flood in high River had also been visited by spirit the night before Christmas 2013 or two days before Christmas. I can’t remember 100% at this time. My then husband and I had been sitting talking in the living room of our open plan home and my children were at their dads that night. I could hear somebody walking on the kitchen floor and I told him, oh my God I forgot to tell you this is the same sound that I heard around mid day today and I tried to call you at work but you didn’t pick up. 

I could also heard noise over by the front door and I would keep going over and checking and found nothing but then started thinking maybe it could’ve been a mouse or something that had been let in during the flood when the door was kicked in by the rcmp. Definitely the sound in the kitchen part was the sound of someone walking on the floor making a creaking sound so definitely not a mouse. We both were freaked out and thought OK let’s just go to bed and once we got upstairs I immediately got ready for bed and crawled in under the blankets. 

My husband stood there with his back to the wall. He had grabbed the 3 foot iron cross that I had bought him years previous and held it as if he was going to use it as a weapon of defense. He whispered to me and said, are you sure that the kids are not home? I told him they are definitely at their dads because it was 11 o’clock at night they wouldn’t of came over. He said, he could hear someone walking on the carpet in the hallway which was to his right and around a bit of a corner was where the closed door was. He said, somebody was at the door he could hear them on the carpet right there. 

As he finished saying that, the locked door lever type handle started to rapidly jiggle up and down. I could not see the view of the handle of the door handle because of the way the wall protruded out blocking the view of the door. However you could hear it rapidly moving up and down and as it stopped, I was out of the bed and dressed in seconds. We both decided that I would open the door quickly and he would hit the intruder with the iron cross. As I opened the door nobody was standing there. 

We checked every corner of that house, in closets and under beds looking for an intruder. Couple months prior to that we were given Sage by one of my sisters at Thanksgiving dinner to use in the house. This was to cleanse the house because as we were rebuilding we had some issues or sightings of evidence that there were spirit in the house. That night we fumbled through a smudging ceremony and told the spirit to go away and to go to the white light as we smudged from the basement all the way up to the top level of the second story home.

I’m not sure how well that worked however at that time we had no idea what else to do. I don’t think the spirit was there to harm us however I think it was there to scare us.

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