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The Woman in the Window

We were in kuma Idaho outside Boise. Actually we had an RV and was visiting friends out there. It's a small town with most houses in the fields. First day there, I was in the RV with our 3 yr old and 9 mth old. Heard a knock on the glass thought it was my husband. Said go away jokingly. Hour or so later my husband came in from their house where we were parked by. I asked you know i was joking you could have came in. He told me he hasn't been outside neither had anyone else. I was like ok. Maybe i heard a branch or something. 

That night it snowed maybe 3 feet so much so we were stranded there and the RV couldn't keep up with heat so we stayed at our friends spare room. Everyone left me and the children there and went in the truck to town. I was washing dishes getting ready for thanksgiving in a few days. A vase flew off the dish drain and broke 10 or 15 feet away. I ran out of the kitchen lol. Stayed in living room until they came back. Of course they thought I was crazy. 

Then it started. My husband was napping on the couch some black figure came out of the corner and grabbed his face they were face to face even though it had no face. He was paralyzed he couldn't speak our move i was in the living room and heard a woman outside the window soaking faster than humanly possible. No this is in the middle of nowhere. I sensed something was wrong. I walked into the room and it let him go. I never seen it. I just saw him pop up and freaking out when I walked in. Later that night I went to the RV to get clothes I swear my youngest was sitting in the bed in a red frilly dress then disappeared. 

I came in the bedroom few days later my oldest was sitting on the bed with a black shadow. The lights flicked in the living room everyday but if you read from the bible it would quit. The woman in the window was heard all the time by everyone right before the shadow would show up. One night my husband was done with it told the house if it didn't quit he would burn it down. My baby woke me up 2 or 3 am that night crying the house was full of smoke. 

The pile of wood by the stove had been pushed on top of the cast iron stove and was on fire. We moved back into to RV. Ready to leave the next morning. My husband had a few drinks with his friends that night. He came home telling me he heard what the woman was saying she told him to go in the barn and hang himself. Note you couldn't get any animal to go in the barn. U couldn't bring myself to go in there either. I don't know what was there but I will never go back.

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