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OMG Who was there ! - True Experience

Here is a strange thing that happened to me and my roommate Michelle when I was in college in Columbia, SC in the early 90s. We were visiting our friends who lived in rather large two storey house on Preston Street that had been split into two apartments One upstairs, one downstairs. Our friends lived upstairs and the interior stairs from their apartment . led down around a corner to their main door to the outside, which was on the side of the building.

The apartment had three large bedrooms, a sitting room and a huge kitchen. All of the original, ornately carved fireplaces were in each room and there were always three roommates living there, some would come and go. Everyone who lived there had creepy things happen, but I was a bit sceptical. Their clock over the mantel would often be wrong, even when it had fresh batteries. It was like a prank that none of the roommates would own up to and it they all seemed a little freaked out when it happened.

Anyway, on this particular evening, only two roommates were home. Our other friend, Jeremy, was expected to arrive home any time but Michelle and I had to leave to go and work on a project. We said good-bye to our friends who were watching TV in the living room. We walked down the hall and headed down the stairs. 

When we reached the corner landing, we heard the outer screen door open and I, being a cheeky prankster, whispered to Michelle, "Hey! It's Jeremy! Let's scare him!" And we tip-toed down the lower flight of stairs as we heard the sound of his key turning in the lock.

I quietly put my hand on the doorknob, and, as I could feel it turning in my hand, I FLUNG the door open! And there was NOBODY there! Michelle and I looked at each other and ran back up the stairs SCREAMING! The other roommates came running down the hall and we all went out and looked around the house and there was no one. 

Jeremy had been delayed leaving work that night and he swore he was not there at that time.I FELT the doorknob turning in my hand, and the outer screen door was SHUT when I flung the door open. After that, I wasn't quite so sceptical!

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