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First Mayor's Old House

Back when I was 7-10 I lived in Kuna Idaho in the first mayor of kunas old house. I've seen a few scary things. I was never able to sleep at night In that house because I found out pretty fast that at 2am creepy dead people like to run around and scare me and mess with my dog.

So my old room had a hallway leading to my closet and one night my dog was crying and I realized he was trying to get his ball so I got out of bed to go see why he couldn't get it and I saw a dark black shadow and I just ran back to my bed and my dog wouldn't come no matter what I tried and I was scared for my dog but anyway I never found that ball again so I think it got taken.

 Another night living in that creepy house my sister and I were watching movies downstairs. Our TV was right under the stairs and my couch was facing it. My sister fell asleep by 3am and I was looking at the TV I noticed movement from above so I looked up and through the stair banister I saw a lady walking down the hall she than turned and started slowly creeping down the stairs I felt like I was going to get killed and I could not breathe. 

My dog was also staring at her and wining a little. She turned to look at me and it was the creepiest thing I've ever seen she was covered in blood and had a scary look on her face she than walked into the dark towards my kitchen. My dog chased her in there and I blacked out. There's so many more stories for that house. After my mom died in it we moved away and I'm glad we did cause I didn't wanna see her ghost.

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