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My Dad's Home - True Story

This is a story my dad told night he woke up in the middle of the night and he was thirsty so he went in the kitchen and he thought he seen his dad sitting in the living room, so he told him hold on I'm gonna get a drink and I'll come in there and talk to you.

So he gets his drink then he walked into the living room and nobody was there. He was freaking out because in order to get to the bedrooms in that house you have to walk passed the kitchen, so he goes back to my grandpas room and peaks in the room and my grandpa was sound asleep..nobody else in the house was awake but he knows he seen someone sitting in the chair in the living room that night!! 

Another time back when my uncle was a kid before I lived there he kept hearing noises in the basement and decided to investigate when he first walked down there he didn't see anybody, but when he turned around he seen someone sitting on the couch with a tobacco pipe in his mouth and a big cowboy hat on, he told me he freaked out and ran back upstairs ...

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