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My Childhood - A True Story

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I am living in a major city now. But I do go back and forth to my Rez like many other tribal people out there. Recently  I was reflecting on how life was so strange and even mystical living on the Rez. I wondered is it the same for all Reznecks in every reservation in Turtle Island? 

The mysterious and bizarre was such a common occurrence that upon moving to the city it finally dawned on me that reservations for the most part are realms of wonder and paradoxes where strange is the norm. Is it geographical location or just us as Tribal people?  I will give you a few examples. One day I went into the washroom. The wall separated me from my brother who entered into an adjoining bedroom. I looked up from brushing my teeth and although I was looking directly at a solid wall, I saw him pick up a mirror and with annoyance inspect his new crop of pimples. 

He didn't say a word but I heard him thinking "'why do I have so many pimples?" I yelled out "It's because you don't wash your face!" I can't explain how I knew what he was thinking. But he bolted out of the bedroom and with huge eyes asked "How did you know what I was thinking??" The only explanation. I could give him was "You were thinking too loud!" There are so many unexplained incidents. One strange day during our childhood, as we were at play a gust of wind swirled around us and lifted us off the ground. We rode the spinning whirl wind and jumped off and jumped on again for a ride, laughing and enjoying this playful wind for all afternoon. Then there was my poor Granny. 

Owls literally stalked her. Wherever she went, they followed. They even flew along the car when she got my uncle to drive her far away from them. Then wherever she tried to escape, they simply waited, sitting on nearby trees, all 20 or so of them.  Another day during the night, we went outside to feed the dog and we saw on our gravel driveway, a bright solid beam of light hit the driveway. It was solid and didn't give any glow or surrounding light like a street light. 

We carefully walked around it and saw it came straight from the starry sky. There were no street lights or any other light source to explain where it originated. I stopped my brother from touching it. I was afraid he would burn. It stayed there for 3 days even during the daytime. On another night our neighbors came running over to tell my parents to look at the moon. Everyone went outside and we observed that the moon was the center of a huge solid looking cross. 

It had become a Great Cross glowing in the night sky. There are too many incidents both terrifying and wondrous to mention here. But everything was experienced as mystically normal and now that I am surrounded by mainstream society, I see there is little wonder in life, just bleak daily drudgery until I am back in the wilds.

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