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Birthday - True Story

This was back on my 25th birthday in Phoenix like east downtown Phoenix. 

My friends got us a room just to kick back for my birthday. I was sitting on the bed rolling up everybody was towards the bathroom area just having fun laughing it was about 15 of us. My friend put his speaker on the dresser between the 2 beds. He turned it on and everybody started dancing and singing...only thing I couldn't hear them all I heard was growling coming from the speaker. Like a mad dog growling I thought it was just beginning of a song. It kept growling everybody still dancing I thought it was odd they was dancing to that like it was a song. But I didn't realize whatever was there muted everything around me. It went from the speaker directly into my left ear. Growling so mad like before an animal attacks you. That sound was terrifying. And I could feel it breathing on me and my seen my hair move from it breathing on me ??

I got so scared I sat there so frozen. And nobody even noticed wtf was going on!!! I was stuck fighting this thing. I kept telling myself move your left or right foot pick up your arm anything! I couldn't move and I slowly started panicking. It had its hold on me. Then my dads voice popped into my head and everything he ever told me. He passed away march 2015. I posted on here about how he visited me in my dream before??. Anyway he used to always tell us after his true scary stories he always said baby don't ever be scared of nothing like that don't be scared of sh**. 

He used to always tell us his experiences he used to tell us how he would walk at night and black dogs walking next to him like a human things like that he would always keep it real with us and I felt he prepared me for this. I kept hearing him ...then I got the courage right there it was so mad still growling but then I started fighting it talking to it in my head saying my pops not ever gonna let u do anything to me i kept hearing his voice and I kept getting stronger and telling it I'm not scared of you your not gonna ruin my birthday or scare my friends I'm glad u have chosen me because I can take it u thought u could overpower me. 

I kept saying things like this at the same time thinking of my dad all the love all the trips we took everything I was happy thinking about him. I was fighting it for about 20-30mins It knew it was losing i could hear it now somewhere in corner top of room going crazy yelling making weird sounds growling uncontrollably but it was muffled growling the more happy I got the more love I felt was pissed it couldn't get to me. I knew I was winning because I was able to hear and move again! I was able to stand up and everybody still not noticing the battle I'm going thru I kept thinking of pops and eventually the muffled growls disappeared I believe I helped whatever was stuck in that room free that night. My cousin noticed when I sat back down I was out of breath she came next to me and said are u okay she knew something just happened I told her everything gonna be okay now and we had a fun night after that the energy was great..

That was my demonic experience i guess I know it wasn't no human spirit I'll never forget it and it has made me stronger! After this happened my moms family is traditional navajo she told me if it picked anybody else that night they would have died. I know there is good and there is evil but this lesson taught me love wins every time MY DAD is my angel he told me before he passed away me and my kids will always be taken care of now I truly knew what he meant he will always be there watching over us.

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