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The First Experience with a Spirit - True Story

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My First ever experience I can recall was at 8years old. My older brother had passed away 2 days earlier and it was the night before his funeral . Well my brothers favorite shirt was a ghost busters slimmer shirt so when I went to bed I remember taking this shirt out of the drawer and going to bed with it. Well fast forward to 4-5am when I’m awoken by a light pressure on my legs I sit up and it’s my big brother before I can say a word he says shhhh be quiet I love you and I’m fine .

I whispered back that I love him and didn’t mean to tell him I hated him as those were my last words to him as he promised to let me go bike riding and changed his mind to go swimming where he drowned. Wow I’m emotional writing this. So he replies I know you didn’t mean it . He gets up walks right through the bedroom door, I open it to watch and follow him down the hall where he enters the living room and continues through to the kitchen.  He looks back to mouth shhh be quiet . He gets a glass down from the cupboard and takes the milk out fills the cup and drinks the milk. After he was done he puts the cup on the table walks over to me kisses my forehead tells me he loves me and will see me eventually but to have a good life and was gone . 

When he bent to kiss my forehead I didn’t feel a cold spot I didn’t feel the pressure of his lips it was a slight warmth brush like a kiss of warm touched summer breeze but very brief. I went to bed crying and a little relieved that he was ok and we would be too. The next morning when I woke up my mom says Ashley Lynn how many times do I have to tell you too put your glass in the sink I was like mom I didn’t have a glass Ronald did she got very upset with me and said that is not funny do not say that I explained to her what had happened and she said I must’ve had a dream and slept walked again( I don’t sleep walk my little brother does). Fast forward to later that afternoon /evening after his funeral/wake. My older sister is a young mom she had her first baby at 15 she’s the oldest out of us 4 and when she got pregnant she had 2 choices adoption or move out. Well she moved out and sadly 3 weeks after the birth of her baby our brother had drowned. 

So my sister is a new mom and she never did well with death or funerals so she did not attend our brothers , while she was home alone everyone else was at the funeral she was feeding and rocking her baby. All of a sudden our brother walks through the wall and over to her. He looked down and told her to stop blaming herself as she feels if she wouldn’t of moved out this wouldn’t of happened yes I know it’s crazy but she was young and hormonal. Anyways he told her not to blame herself and that he loved her and his new beautiful niece and would watch over them . A few minutes into this conversation a random man walks through the wall and tells our brother Ronald it’s time to go say goodbye. They say their final goodbyes and my brother and this man leaves. 

Fast forward a week later when we are holding some type of donation fundraiser for the diving crew and rescue that looked and tried to help my brother and it’s after this when family is hanging out and talking. Well my aunt 1of 18 siblings of my dads well we’re all going through an old photo album and all of a sudden my sister loses it she starts saying that’s the man that came to take Ronald he’s an angel . My aunt looks at her and says honey that was my husband who died in a motorcycle accident and was decapitated on impact you never met him he died when you were 4 your brother met him 1 time when you were with your mom but he was little. 

We were all shocked of course my 8year old self didn’t really understand all of this at the time but now realize that was my first experience with a spirit  I didn’t sleep walk I never really even drank milk  only koolaid and  water and then after my sisters experience I wholeheartedly believe he was saying goodbye to me since he knew my last words to him were not nice and still haunt me to this day. Yes this is true .

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