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In the Mouth of Shadow

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After Shannon (a psychic medium) and I met in 2001, we moved into a  small cottage that was part of an old complex that had two other small  cottages, about fourteen small apartments, and one two-story farm  house.  The cottages were originally built back in the early 1900’s as  vacation cottages and were used by silent film stars and crews such as  Charlie Chaplin.  

Only three cottages survived to this day.  The house  was built sometime in the 20’s or 30’s, and the apartments after WW2.   Niles; which is now part of Fremont, was the original Hollywood before  the studios moved from northern California to southern California.  The  cottage sat right at the mouth of Niles canyon.  Haunted, Niles canyon.   Our cottage was no bigger than 150 to 200 square feet.  It had no sink  in the bathroom and no insulation or air conditioning so it was hot in  the summer and the old single-pane windows produced water condensation  when it rained in the winter.  It also had very little storage space and  a small kitchenette.  But it was affordable and we loved it.  It was  our little love shack.  Oh… it was also extremely haunted.  Not just our  cottage, but the whole property.  Roughly about two acres.

As a psychic medium, Shannon detected spirits all over the property,  she did however perform a protection spell on our cottage so we would  not be haunted, except for a small ghost cat that occasionally liked to  run around at night.  Cats never listen anyway.  Shannon and I loved the  property.  Except for one spirit, a cranky old man in the attic of the  main house who used to yell and scream from the attic window at Shannon  to “Stay away from my house.” but most of the other spirits were  friendly.  One was a man in a baseball uniform who was always hiding  behind the same bush.  One was a young boy always underneath an apple  tree.  

There was something mysterious always lurking outside one of our  windows in the front room but Shannon never could sense what that energy  was about.  Across the small field behind the back of our cottage there  was something dark, always staring at our bedroom window from  underneath an elevated and abandoned tool shed, or something, but only  at night.  It was like it knew Shannon could sense it, but during the  daytime the dark energy was gone.  Whatever it was, it was the only  energy Shannon identified as evil.  

Shannon also sensed that the old  film crews and actors energies were still prevalent on the property, but  only in a general way.  Nothing really specific.  Off property, Shannon  sensed massive amounts of energy within Niles canyon, which we rarely  walked into.  But during our first walk along Alameda creek which flows  out of Niles canyon, Shannon saw the spirit-body of a young girl who had  drowned.  We were under the overpass for Mission Blvd when she saw a  brunette in a white flowing dress just underneath the surface of the  water.  

We were only about a hundred feet from the property where our  rental cottage was.  The spirit-body just floated their like a physical  body but did not move with the flow of water downstream, nor did she try  to communicate with Shannon.  Could this have been the famous “White  Witch of Niles Canyon?”  Who knows.  Because we lived right at the mouth  of Niles canyon, it was usually windy, but the wind wasn’t always  natural, sometimes we would get what Shannon called “Evil winds.”  These  were winds that carried the souls of the dead.  They were very rare and  were not generated by the canyon, but instead by restless spirits  roaming over the earth.

My last story about our love shack is the creepiest.  Shannon also  sensed that there were other spirits haunting some of the other  apartments, which the other non-psychic medium renters verified with  plenty of ghost stories about spooky and weird happenings.  But the one  I’m going to tell you made all of our blood run cold.  Shannon and I  pulled into our driveway late one night where I had to stop to let  Shannon out so she can open the car door because the driveways were so  small, anyway, she gets out of the car and immediately runs to the far  side of the neighbors cottage yelling something.  

I couldn’t see her  either because there were now two cottages between us, so I immediately  park my car and run over to our neighbors driveway where Shannon is  standing and hurriedly asked, “What happened?” Shannon tells me she saw a  shadow person staring at her.  She said it was up against the house and  moved along the wall from the front to the side where the driveway was  and then it disappeared.  She said it had no defining facial features  except for its eyes.  She said the eyes were dark, bottomless, and  empty.  Her story really creeped me out, but we had a good laugh over it  because of the way she ran after it.  

Shannon has never run towards a  shadow person like that before.  Anyway, like I said we were having a  good chuckle when our neighbor pulled up wondering why we were standing  in his driveway, so we told him what we had just experienced and the  look on his face quickly turned to one of shock.  He told us about a  week ago he had pulled into his driveway late at night and out of the  corner of his eye he caught something looking through his passenger side  window at him.  

He quickly turned to see the exact same shadow person  Shannon had just described.  His eyes shifted away for a moment in  shock, but when he refocused on his passenger window the shadow person  was gone.  He said he got out and looked all around but could not see or  hear anyone.  

He said he would have knocked on our door to ask Shannon  about it but we were gone that evening.  Our little love shack was old,  small, and had few modern conveniences, but we loved that place.  Ghosts  and all.

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