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Little People - Real Ghost Story Experience with Pics

ghost stories

This road leads to the river it a park that many go and walk and fish. there are many who claim to have heard strange noises and sounds .so being gram taught me how to protect myself spiritually . I figure I go hang out, and see what comes of it .

ghost stories

For 4 days i went there at different times and hung out for hours .Hell it turned out to be a nice place to catch a nap .but that's another story. Any how I go back and talk to some of those folks again .so the park is posted with hours like closed sun down to sun up. Okay folks tell me different times. So now here we go because i just got to know if it's what I think it is .so about 3 weeks into this daily check on this park .i pull in early one morning it was like 5 am .so I got my coffee and dog with me .now i got the biggest dumbest pit-bull around .I'll explain later . I'm doing like ten mp and I see something dart in front of the truck .then another and a 3rd . 

They were moving so fast I could not make out what they were at first .bigger then a rabbit but built almost like a human I slam the brakes and slam it into park .i get out and look around they are gone .so figure I'm parked .I just walk the rest of the way around the loop .the dog started to bark as I walked away. So I figure I take her with me .as soon as I opened that door she shot out that door .she shot straight to the spot the things bolted across the road .I heard her crashing threw the brush . I reached in the truck and grabbed my knife .I proceed to follow her barking she chased what ever it was about a quarter of a mile and across the river . 

I found a spot to cross where I would not get completely soaked .when I got to her she was on the side of a ravine at a big tree .right under the tree was a hole about two feet around . Now pits got short ass hair . But hers was standing straight up on her back .you could see she was in kill mode .I never seen her ever act like this and inside I could see three pairs of orange glowing eyes small about the size of almonds .maybe just a little smaller .I grabbed my dogs collar and hooked her to her leash .man took me a half hour dragging her all the way back to my truck .

I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure they were not coming after us .we got back to the truck I told it was okay we are safe .we sat there for about a half hour .I heard stories of the little people .but I had never seen one until that day .that was 2 years ago .and 6 months ago I finally caught one .I don't mean actually caught but what I mean is , I was able to get a good look at one study it for about a hour .it would have been longer but I could lay there any longer .

I had to sit up ,and swoosh it was gone .the first time was scary the second time was un nerving it was about 18 inches high the skin looked like weathered leather brownish in color bash under its eyes and the eyes they were yellowish orange in color . They had very little hair .and the feet were weird 4 toes and the hands have 5 fingers but the finger nails looked like tallons .long thin and curved .has any one seen these around your areas . I know there are different ones just wonder if maybe they all live in one area or multiple.

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