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Evil at Home - True Story

evil at home

Well this is my story. This one day me n the Mr. Were watching movies. Then all of a sudden this empty Gatorade bottle came flying across my living room we both looked at each other n said don't be scared. So we ignored it I yelled out whoever you are you are not welcome in my home. So anyways we paid no attention to it. As the days went I said to my kids dad do you know you sleep talk lots. He says no I don't, so I said one of these nights I'm gonna hit record on my phone. So I did n I know I pressed the stop button. 

So I forgot about that recording for 3 days, I said to him oh hey I finally caught you sleep talking. So I played my recording, omg that was the most evilest sound I've ever heard in my life. Jus gave you chills my phone said it recorded for only a minute, but the recording goes on for almost 7 minutes long. To this day we never wanted to hear it. Friends have listened to it, n told us not to. Jus knowing there is something sounding so awful n evil we had a hard time sleeping at nights, our kids were scared to sleep in their rooms. Our puppy would bark at things we could not see. When we would sleep somebody would tap us when we were sleeping. 

Our home felt very dark n lonely, felt very heavy. Our home didn't not feel like a happy home it once was, honestly it felt like everybody hated eachother. Felt like my own kids were unhappy, n hated us. Felt like me and my partner were always getting mad. But once we left our home as a family, we would feel happy, n missed that happiness very much. When we got home it was total misery, first thing in the morning we would get mad , throughout the day. I felt in my heart like giving up, but I loved my family too much. My kids would see things in their room, somebody would grab their legs or scare my puppy. This one day I felt like I was loosing my mind, I guess I was stressing out so much, working 2 jobs, n worrying for my kids. 

My daughter seen something in her room peeking over her bed, my puppy jumped in front of her to protect her. This thing was small had pointy ears, it was too dark to see, but it scared her really bad. That was the night she wanted to try n sleep in her bedroom. she was jus shaking with fear. My kids even said to me one of these days I'm not gonna be in this world, my heart broke thinking how can I make this better? I would stay up late jus to watch my babies make them feel safe. I had bible opened in every room of my home. This one day I woke up so sad, feeling I have failed, so I went driving down the road in a big daze. Then I come pulling in our pastors road. 

My grandpa always use to tell me to go to him if I ever needed anything. So I knocked on his door, I couldn't help myself I jus broke down at his door. Telling him what we have been going through, I looked so tired, I felt so drained n so relieved at the same time. For over a year we been experiencing all this. He hugged me and came to my place n he blessed my home. My home felt lighter, I was telling him how my babies were feeling n how our family life was going. Breaking down felt so defeated, but I knew in my heart there is help if you believe. 

He prayed for our family it felt so good, until that night I told my baby you can sleep in your room now. She said idk mom it doesn't feel right in here. Anyways she did n she came to me n her dad telling us somebody was squeezing her body like a bear hug. We all slept together in our livingroom. Then the next day I told the pastor what happened n he said to me. 

I didn't wanna scare your babies yesterday, I didn't want you to worry. The day before when he left he said to me please don't hesitate to call me to come back anytime. Then he told me there was an evil presence in my home. Trying to ruin our family. Anyways he came back with some help, they prayed for one bedroom that felt the heaviest in our home. So today it is ok, we still hear things in our home, but we r not afraid.

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