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Grandma's House - A True Story

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Grandma's house did not have electricity. It did not have running water or plumbing. Water was hauled and trash was burned. Woods were chopped and the restroom was an outhouse some 30 to 40 feet from the house. Kerosene lamps lit the home during the night hours. We didn't even have curtains for the windows. 

A mattress underneath the living-room window was where we slept. I was very little at the time and my mother was putting me and my baby sister to bed. She sang songs softly from a church hymnal as lullabies to help us fall asleep. Kerosene lamp lit with my grandma sitting at the table. 

I looked out the window and u could see the outline of things because of the moonlight and stars. What caught my attention was the dark silhouette of a cowboy standing just on the otherside of the window.

His hat made that much clear but it looked more of a shadow, darker then the darkness from the night. For a moment I lay transfixed on his glowing eyes (unsure the color, I believe they were yellow but could have been red).

"Mom?" I whispered with a tap on her shoulder. "Mom, mmooommmm!!!!"

"What?!" she said in her sweet but tired voice that parents develop from raising children. 

"Who is that?" I asked pointing out the window. 

"I don't see anyone," she said in a slightly worried tone.

"Right there, mom, right there. He has a cowboy hat on and glowing eyes. He is looking right at us," I said in a matter of fact tone waving my finger toward the window. 

With fear and disbelief, she said, "I dont see anyone."

Her and my grandma (not sure if grandpa or anyone else was there) headed for the front door a few feet from the window. They looked out the door toward the window and stated there was nothing there. I could not fathom why they could not see it as clearly as I did. I proclaimed that he was still there. They didn't see at all and it would of been chalked up to a child's crazy imagination, if what happened next didn't happen.

They closed the door and no sooner then it was closed, something huge hit the door with a loud bang. It can only explained as the sound of a boulder the size of a basketball or a piece of firewood. We were truly terrified, but I was also relieved to know they actually trusted my word. The words of a child cause them to investigate what only I could see but they could not. A few moments later the sound of claws on chalkboards could be heard circling the house. My mother grabbed the hymnal she was singing from and sang from somewhere deep inside her. Her voice was overcoming the scratching noises. 

I know now that I saw things that grownups could not, so I'll let u decide if what I saw was real or my own imagination. I heard the scratching very loudly, but my mothers voice was growing noticeably louder. It was like a battle between a mother's love for her children and something straight from folklore and legends. I saw what looked to me as long finger nails poking through the keyholes and around the edges of both the front and back doors. 

As the sounds swirled into a chaotic rhythm, I saw claws coming out of the cabinets and drawers. It seemed to go on forever as I curled up next to my mother, trying invain to cover my ears. Finally, I noticed only my mother's voice louder then all other noises. 

Slowly everything else faded away and all I heard was my mothers soft voice slowly lowering in tone to the end of the song. As I looked up from my mothers embrace, all I could see was my mother's face showing a tired smile that all parents develop when raising children.

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