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Road Trip - A True Story

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One evening I picked up a friend and we went for a drive. There was no plan just hanging out and listening to music. We drove up the canyon a few miles to the south fork of a local river. The road passed through popular park with a duck pond and a cluster of houses a few feet from the river. The road makes a sharp left turn and continues for several miles before it becomes a dirt road leading deep into the back mountains. There was nothing extraordinary about the drive. We've done it before, my friend were big on road trips I didn't think this any different.

We passed the houses. The road gets darker. My friend asks "Is there a place we can turn around?"

"Yeah, there's a turn around about a quarter mile up"

"No" He sternly said, "we need to turn around right now."

My focus was on driving and nothing else, until he said this. I opened myself up to what he was feeling; Oh crap! Something terrible was out there, coming for us.

Imagine yourself standing at the base of Hoover Dam watching the concrete wall holding back Lake Mead crack and begin to spray out torrents of water. It's going to fail at any moment and there is no avenue of escape. You're frozen; with escape impossible. The damn breaks and a tsunami of water is headed straight at you. That feeling. The feeling knowing your death is imminent, That is what it felt like. Scariest part of it is you could not see anything. We were under assault by something without physical form. Something pitch dark. Something wanting to destroy us.

I spun the car around and shot down the canyon racing towards anywhere with people and light. Next to me my friend lay curled up in fetal position weeping. He was unresponsive to anything I said to him. I felt my whole being fighting against the assault. I could feel this presence. It was chasing us, it was in the car, it was in our head, it was everywhere. It felt like you would cease to exist both physically and spiritually: utter destruction. Praying didn't make it leave and uplifting spiritual music felt consumed up by the darkness. I only operated on instinct. I had to get to a place with light and people. I had to keep it together.

I sped the car into the parking lot of a grocery store, parked under a light, and jumped out of the car. My friend was still curled up crying. I grabbed my head in attempt to clear my mind and shake it off when it came. I my minds eye I could see a screen. A figure jumped into frame. It took over my sight and all I could see was the neck and head on what seemed like a small TV. Where there would be eyes were nothing as if all I was looking at was a cutout black silhouette of a head with two small horns. It paused and looked right at me, more like through me, and said in a resonant deep voice "This is my power and this is what I can do to you." It delivered its message and immediately left the other side of the 'screen'. It was the Evil One.

I wasn't scared before this. I was now. When it left my friend said his first words in 20 minutes. He asked to go home. He lived a couple of miles back the way we came. I ended up spending the night on his bedroom floor because I didn't want to be alone in the dark driving back home.

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