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Red Eyes - True Story

When I was about 6 years old we moved into an old farmhouse. My bedroom was upstairs in a loft type room. We had just moved in, I remember because my room was filled with boxes and only my bed was set up. My step sister was staying the weekend with us and she to and I shared a bed when she came visit.

I woke up in the middle of the night and remember the feeling of being watched. At the foot of my bed was an empty closet with no doors, it just appeared to be a black gaping hole in the wall. Peering out at me from the darkness were two red, glowing eyes...yes they were glowing! I remember pinching myself because I didn’t believe what I was seeing.

The longer I stared, the horror started taking grip and I literally became paralyzed with fear! The red eyes never blinked they just peered back at me motionless, like a hunter looking at its prey. They were up high in the closet, sort of where the top shelf was. I reached over and squeezed my sister’s arm as I was unable to speak and she slowly woke up.

Comforted by her voice, I whispered for her to look in the closet, I asked, “do you see that?” And she said yes!! At this point we were both terrified out of our ever loving minds. We both screamed for our parents and when they came in and flicked on the light there was nothing. The closet was absolutely bare. 

We even checked the shelf thinking something could have been up there producing some light but no, there was nothing to be found.

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  1. Ooookayyy. Uhm, did it return? Did you ever see it again? Tjats all your gonna say about it?