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Halloween Horror Story - Candle Lighter Volunteers

Halloween Ghost

October, 2012.  The Chadbourne Carriage House, Fremont Hub.  Every October the Candle Lighters turn the Carriage House into a fundraising haunted house for children.  I grew up in Fremont, California, so every year we would go there during the Halloween season.  Our plan in 2012 was to take our two-year old Grandson through the haunted house, but we then decided against it, or should I say our Grandson decided against it.  

So while he and his mother attended the Halloween games they had set up outside for children, Shannon and I took each other by the hand and ventured into the haunted house.  Now, this haunted house was pretty tame because it was designed for children, so I was a little surprised when I started hearing and feeling my psychic medium wife screaming and running around behind me.  I was laughing my butt off as I felt my hand being dragged around behind me in the dark every time someone jumped out and yelled “BOO!”  In fact, she was even doing it when no one was jumping out and yelling boo.  She was moving around like a dancer in a rap video.  

I really thought it was hysterical!  As we exited, I asked her why she was screaming and running around so much because it wasn’t that scary.  Shannon looked at me and slapped me on the chest and said, “That’s because you didn’t have a spirit and those stupid employees both jumping out at you!”  Surprised, I said, “You mean there was a real ghost in there?!”  And Shannon replied in a very frustrated voice, “Yeah!  Not only was I getting jumped at by the hired help, but I also noticed a male spirit in there who was surprised I could see and hear him and he kept getting in my face saying, ‘You can see me?  You can see me?’  I’ve never had a ghost get so close to me like that before and it was freaking me out!  

And then having the haunted house employees jumping out of the darkness just made things worse!  I was so turned around in there that I wasn’t sure who or what was real and what wasn’t!”  Surprised and excited, I started talking about Shannon to one of the lead Candle Lighter volunteers about what just happened and she told us that if we want to, we could come back in three days when they take down and pack away everything and she’ll let us look around inside The Carriage House in the daytime when it’s empty because a lot of the Candle Lighter volunteers have seen ghosts and experienced things themselves, and they’re not psychic mediums!  

So two days after Halloween, Shannon and I returned to The Carriage House to find the main front doors open and all of the haunted house decor removed.  The woman in charge of the Candle Lighters and a few of her volunteers led Shannon and I into the old building.  All of my years in Fremont and this was the first time I’ve ever seen the inside of this place in the daylight without the ghost house decorations.  It consisted of a central main room with horse stables along both sides.  

On the left there was also a tack room and on the right there was a stairwell that led to the upper floor which had bedrooms and a common area for the employees who cared for the horses.  We didn’t get to go upstairs because the stairs were too old and unsafe and were not repaired during the refurbishment, but Shannon could sense the male spirits up there playing cards and cooking food.  Shannon also sensed two boys on the main floor trying to hide from us.  They were stable boys.  

One was black and one was white.  After Shannon’s reading, some of the Candle Lighter volunteers started sharing some of their stories with us.  Several of the volunteers have seen the boys in there while other volunteers have seen the men, and some refuse to work in there alone and/or after dark.  The Candle Lighter volunteer ghost stories were pretty standard fare, but their dedication to their community every Halloween is not.  It is exceptional.

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