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Winter 2013 - True Story

This happened Winter 2013, my husband & I were out for the evening when we decided to drive around by the river area near Red Mt. located on our reservation; only community members are allowed in this area, the main area to enter was accessable day or night by a metal gate guard rail entrance where u have to open heavy gate open gate, wait for driver to pass and close & latch gate. This was because of the wild horses that resided in our community around and near by mountains "wildlife". It was around 11pm we stopped off at a store and picked up some adult beverage to kick back by the river at pole 12 it's a spot where we had family camping at for the weekends during the summers, we've been here a million times or night.

That night sitting by the river discussing our problems to each other and I was getting mad. Mind you it's after 1am now it been two hours talking...we're both heated with each other and I get off of the SUV thinking cool down. When a strange feeling kicked in like being watched I turned and looked around me...nohing but mesquite trees that seem so thick and total darkness now but I could hear branches snapping like being walked on quietly one step at a time, I turn and hurry into the SUV. I told him what I heard...he reassured me it's probably just the horses that they heard the music...okay?...starting to kinda believe that might be true...but still a gut feeling?

He said he needed to pee so he got out and few minutes he jumped back in an said your right it does feel creepy, I said I think we should go but now I got to pee, go I'll wait! We back up and started out of the mesquite forest thru a winding washboard road on to a partial clearing from the mesquite trees...I said stop I'll go pee here I can't wait...I jumped off and did my business just as I started walking back I heard a deep loud growling behind me than a long SCREECHING high pitched scream...I ran and jumped in yelling DRIVE DRIVE!!! He was yelling asking what the HELL WAS THAT?!!? I was trying to catch my breath and scared shitless, yelling at him to watch the road...We got to main dirt road but the washboard road was making it hard to go fast; I lit a cigarette and opened the window a crack, when I could hear that SCREECHING in the distance and he heard it too.

We came to a small area where u have to drive slowly for 100 ft or so because of the rocks and dried muddy old road...we still could hear that it was running along the river up stream with us as we were heading to the only outlet as he got to pavement we sped up the winding road up & down still hear that cry!!! The last hill...he said OH SHIT THE GATE!!

My heart pounding...I don't wanna get out!! I don't wanna get out!!! I said but I knew I had too that was our only way!!! I just looked at him and nodded...he slammed on the breaks, I jumped out...ran to the gate, pushed it open and everything just slow down to a felt like an eternity as he was driving past me...All I could hear was "IT" coming down the road...I could hear another "IT" SCREECHING to the east of me in the short distance ...he was yelling...HURRY HURRY in slow motion real fast...I pulled the gate as hard as I could and it latched...SCREECHING BEHIND ME...As I jumped in and we hauled ass away from there.



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