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Haunted House - True Experience

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I have had too many experiences with the paranormal, I lived in Edmonton with my 5 children. I was constantly moving from place to place. Because they were deemed condemned so my landlord whom I never met. Kept getting the staff to move us, well I lived on 95st n 12th so I was moved to 118 Ave n 84st. The first time we got to the place it was already dark outside I went to unlock the door and it opened up by itself. I thought it was already open IDK we were all tired. 

So I started to look for a light switch, my son who was 4 yrs old walked into the house and went straight to the basement. I didn't even know that there was a basement, I could hear him say something. And he came upstairs and told me that the monster downstairs was really angry. I got chill's kinda erie I then told him to tell the monster to stay downstairs. I kept hearing plastic moving from the basement n I went to look during the day and it was really weird. 

There was a small pad of cement for the furnace. And a wall built all around it, I looked over the wall n I seen these mounds with clear plastic in the dirt. That shook me up a little, I asked the landlord to go check out the mounds n nope they did nothing. So I was going to move into a different place n the next place was worst instantly I felt presence. So we stayed at the house I started hearing somebody singing and IDK how but I communicated with the spirit that was singing. 

He told me that he was murdered along time ago and he was in the wrong place n the wrong time. He was young like 23 or so, he sang three little bird's. Then he said that he wasn't the only one down there, another man whom was really violent and killed people was decapitated to the torso. That was the monster my son had seen, I put my children into care because I didn't want them to be there it wasn't good the junkies that were in the alley etc... would leave dirty needle's n used condoms, paraphernalia. Well I had a few of them break into my house and the funny thing was they ran so fast out the door because they said they seen something evil that scared them. The young man was watching over me and chased people away that had bad intentions or thoughts. 

One day I sat down at my table and made a pot of tea, just seconds after a black man walked in the door and we began talking about the history of the house. I told him what the young man told me n he asked me where I heard the story from, I told him that the young man told me. Well the black man looked scared he told me it was true that there was a few murders happen in the house, he didn't know how or when he just said what he knew. 

I didn't stay in the house for very long after that, I have been blessed that my ancestors were shamans. My children all have gifts we try staying close n stay in touch, I know that there are worst things coming. I just have to know where my blessings are n I am content with life. I have many experiences with spirit's

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