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Father's Story - True Story

My father is 77 years old. He was born on Christmas Day 1942. His father left to serve in WWII shortly before he was born. The nurse at the hospital told his mother that no Indian could be born on Christmas Day , so she wrote his birthdate down as the 24th. In his fathers absence he was largely raised by his uncle who was a medicine man. He lived at the old village on the shores of beautiful Lac Vieux Desert lake on the Wisconsin Michigan border along with a small number other tribal members. 

When he was young he would walk 20 miles round trip to sell his mothers beadwork and moccasins at the nearest trading post. His hard work continue over the years as he worked as an iron worker, lumberjack, tribal chairman, planner, council member and substance abuse counselor, just to name a few. In his older years he took up some work as a groundskeeper at the Old Village site.

This my fathers story as told to me by him. It wasn’t a usually happy day for him as he rode on his lawn mower. A usual day would be enjoying the warm sun and pleasant wind from the lake as memories of his childhood and loved ones crossed his mind at leisure. Today he was very sad to the point of feeling heartbroken as he thought about my younger sister. 

She was drinking heavily and had abandoned five of her kids with my mother and the youngest sixth one with my father. Dad says says he stopped on his lawn mower, unable to see through his tears any longer. He started to pray and cried so hard that he shook. 

His heart was so heavy with concern and worry for my sister and her children. He looked up to sky to ask Creator for help and that’s when he saw it. An eagle feather floated slowly from sky and landed on his chest right where he felt his pain! He looked around to see if he could see an eagle but there wasn’t any. How beautiful is that?!

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