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Scream In The Hostel - A True Story

ghost in hostel

Hello everyone, in everybody's life there are some incidents which becomes a bad memory no matter how much you try to forget it still it remains lifelong.

This one incident has forever changed my life should i blame it on myself or not i am still confused. I wish i could travel back in time & change whatever happened but I am bound to fate.

Location : Jalgaon , 2012

It was during my engg days, I used to stay in my college hostel within the campus itself & my friend Rahul used to stay at a private hostel away from the college, Rahul's hostel had a room which was closed all the time bcoz it was rumored to be haunted. Me being skeptical about ghosts & supernatural at that time used to ignore all this.

Once he told me that a student had hanged himself from the ceiling of that room & after that whoever stayed in that room experienced weird paranormal things, so the owner of the hostel permanently locked room after doing all poojas & hawans

but still the residents used to hear some noises from that room. Coincidentally Rahul's room was beside the haunted room divided by a common wall with a window on it with opaque glass which was always closed , I asked why is he staying so close to that room he told me that he's been staying for a long time & he never felt anything wrong nor did something bad happened to him. On the day of the incident we had fun the whole evening & i was too late to be taken in by my hostel authorities so i decided to spend the night at Rahul's place as i didn't believe in all those so I never gave it a second thought. We reached the hostel & opened his room he showed me the closed window on the common wall. It was just a plain old window & nothing seemed to be paranormal about it. 

Rahul started teasing by asking me whether i will be scared sleeping next to a haunted room I started laughing & ignored it, he went to his friends room for some work telling me he will be back soon. I was left alone in his room waiting for him to come, i don't know what came into my mind or what caused me the eagerness I decided to open the window & check the much hyped room, I wish i had controlled myself at that time but....

I opened the latch & slowly pushed the window panes , there it was the haunted room in front of me, to describe it there was complete darkness & with the help of lights falling in it from our room i saw some old furniture biting the dust, an old cot (common in hostels)

but nothing which could explain the hauntings reported. I then closed the window as i heard my friend coming he was a strong believer in all those things & I didn't want to scare him so i didn't tell him abt me opening the window. After a long conversation we went to sleep at around 1am at night, we were sleeping when suddenly i woke to a tapping sound as i was very much sleepy i anticipated that someone may be walking outside the verandah, i checked the time it was around 2:15 in the night I ignored it bcoz it was common scenario in every boys hostel that the inmates stay awake till late nights so i went back to sleep. But again I woke up to the same tapping sound then I realized it was coming from the other side of the window it sounded like someone is wanting to come out from the other side, that was the moment which really freaked me out. So scared i was that i didn't had the guts to see the window again, i lied down on my bed covered my ears with my hands but still i could hear the tapping I saw Rahul sleeping but i didn't wake him up. 

I started to chant prayers & then the sound stopped but my fear didn't i wasn't getting any sleep but anyhow i managed to get some. After sometime i again woke up but the reason scared me like hell I heard someone scream from behind the window this time i didn't even got up to see but my body was trembling with fear. I saw Rahul still sleeping peacefully i wondered how come he didn't hear anything , i was awake the whole time then slowly i remember dozing off. I woke up to sun's first ray which hit us through the window facing roadside I heaved a sigh of relief my nightmare had ended now i was relaxed. 

I saw Rahul awake before me & sitting beside me he was smiling at me & asked how was my night I narrated him the whole story to which he said that there are somethings which exist but can't be seen only be felt saying this he went outside to fetch some breakfast. I got up from the bed stretched my arms & stepped outside to get some fresh air. To my surprise I saw people gathered around the haunted room & it was open, the crowd standing gave me shocking & puzzled look I went through the crowd to see but then WHAT I SAW was enough to faint me & i really fainted, the crowd was gathered surrounding Rahul's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling of the same much hyped haunted room.

The next day i regained consciousness the cops questioned me so i told them everything but they never believed me also they didn't get any single evidence against me so they registered the case of suicide. It took time for me to recover but i was totally shaken i didn't want it to end like this ,after speaking with many priests i gotta know that maybe i had opened the window bcoz of which the spirit or the entity (whatever u may assume) got released. But why Rahul why not me??? This is the question to which i haven't found any answers.....CAN YOU?


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