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Haunted Field - A True Story

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I had an interesting experience when I was around 6 years old. It was 1971 and my parents and I lived in an old 12 room farmhouse on about 80 acres of land. We rented the farmhouse from the owners who had relocated to Florida. A few weeks after moving in my dad and I were out in one of the fields exploring the property and the barns and out buildings. I remember this vividly.... We had just explored a large 2 story barn near our house and were crossing the small grassy field over to check out another smaller barn that was loaded with old relics and horse saddles and stuff. 

It was a bright sunny summer day and my father had walked about 150 feet ahead of me as I was lingering looking at the tall grasses and bugs and other things that distract a 6 yr old kid. He had just gotten to the other barn and I saw him enter, I was standing still in the field for a second and I looked down at the ground in front of me and I saw a large shadow. The sun was at my back so I knew something had come up behind me. I slowly turned around and looked up to see this... What looked like to me at the time .... Giant tall scarecrow type hideous monster with a horrible smiling face and pointed rotten teeth sticking out of its mouth. It had on a corn silk type hat, the kind you would find on a scarecrow and blue jeans with suspenders. 

It was right in front of me when I turned around only a foot or two with its arms raised in the air and its hands and knarley fingers extended as if it were going to grab me. I ran as fast as I could towards where my father went screaming in terror. It took about 7 or 8 seconds for me to run to my dad in the barn and tell him as best I could through my terror about the big scarecrow man in the field. Of course he ran out there and looked all around thinking it was a real person but could not find anyone. And there is no way a person could have gotten out of there that fast without being seen running in any direction towards the fences surrounding the property. From what I remember I guess he thought I had seen a hallucination due to the heat of the day. The problem with that theory is that I was not overheated and this vision is still so vivid to me to this day. 

I can't remember much else about the year we lived there as far as our daily lives but that is with me in every detail even the color of his hat. And no there were no scarecrows in the fields there as it was all grass and no crops. I feel that it was a ghost or demon that appeared to me. The place was built in the mid 1800s and had a lot of history. There were other incidents there too in the house. One night when my father was at work my mom and I heard walking upstairs on the attic floor or the roof like heavy boot steps. My mom was scared and thought someone was in the house and called the police but they came out and didn't find anyone after searching inside and out. It was things like that so, after a year of these things my folks moved out. Once in a while to this day I will pass by the house and farm when my travels take me that way and I get a feeling of foreboding. I live about 4 miles from there in another town.

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