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Merchant's House of Museum - New York City

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Wedged between two residential buildings on an unassuming block just east of Manhattan’s Lafayette Street sits the Merchant’s House Museum. You have to ring the doorbell to gain entry to the house, which is still populated by the possessions—and perhaps the spirits—of the Tredwell family, who lived there from 1835 to 1933.

“Most historic house museums have to sort of cobble together furniture that’s period-appropriate but that didn’t actually belong to the house,” explained Emily Wright, communications and programs manager at the museum. (Wright herself has never had a paranormal experience, but says she has heard “compelling” reports from fellow staff members, volunteers, and visitors alike.) However, most of the objects in the Merchant’s House have been there for well over 100 years. “The 19th century is very palpable here,” Wright says. Some say this makes the museum a particularly apt home for the spirits of those who once resided there.

Each year, paranormal investigator Dan Sturges comes to the museum to document the ghostly activity through photographs and audio recordings.

“The museum would never come out and definitively say, ‘Yes, we’re haunted,’” Wright said. Yet visitors have matched reported sightings with images of the family, including Gertrude, the youngest daughter, who died in 1933; Seabury, the father; Elizabeth, the eldest sister; and Samuel, the younger brother, as well as several unidentified servants.


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