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Haunted University Library - A True Story

ghost library

Late one night, two Indonesian girls were sitting in the university library. They were the only students who were still staying on the university campus. Apparently they were working on an important project that had to be submitted the following day.

While they were busying themselves, working on their laptops, a campus security guard approached and walked up behind them.

“It’s almost closing time,” he said in a friendly voice. “Why aren’t you girls going home?”

“We’d like to, Sir,” replied one girl, “but we have an important group task that we have to submit at 7 AM. But don’t worry, hopefully we will be able to finish it in an hour.”

“Alright, maybe it would be better if I accompany you guys until you finish the task,” said the security guard. “I’ll be standing right here behind to keep you safe.”

The girls were very thankful. Finally they were able to finish their task without worrying something bad might happen to them. Half an hour passed, when they were about to write the conclusion, then suddenly… TOCK!

One of the girls dropped her pencil on the ground and it rolled over to where the guard was standing. When the girl bent down to pick up the pencil, she saw something that terrified her.

In shock, the girl picked up her pencil and, without a word, immediately started packing her books as fast as she could. Her friend was confused and wondered why the girl was so anxious.

“Sorry, I’ve got to go home,” said the girl. “My stomach is aching so badly.”

Then, she ran as fast as she could to the nearest exit, leaving her friend alone with the mysterious security guard.

Two minutes later, the second girl’s phone rang. She received a short text message from the first girl.

It read: “Drop your pen behind you, and pick it up, then you will understand.”

The second girl was even more confused, but she did as instructed and just dropped her pen under the table. When she bent down to pick it up, she saw a horrifying sight.

The security guard had no feet and was floating over the ground like a ghost.

She wanted to scream, but she put her hands over her mouth. When she regained her composure, she calmly put the pen on the table again and turned to see the security guard’s face. He was grinning at her, but somehow that terrified her even more.

Still trying to control her emotions, the girl tried to get away. She pretended to receive a phone call and pretended to have a conversation, as if her mom was asking her to come home.

When she hung up, she turned to the security guard and said, in a shaking voice, “Sir, thank you for your accompanying me so far, but I have to go home too.”

“Why so fast?” asked the guard. “Your task is not yet complete.”

“Yes sir,” the girl said nervously. “but I really have to go. I’ve been called by my mom.”

The security guard grinned. In a deep, frightening voice, he whispered to the girl: “SO, IT’S NOT BECAUSE YOU FOUND OUT WHAT I AM?”


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