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Old Student at School - A True Story from Philippines

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It was my first time in my school when I noticed something strange going on there. I was a newbie so I didn't know where I would go. I was just walking past the hallways with my friends but I'm more like a curious type of person who just wanders around by myself. I told my friends, who were with me as newbies like me, that I'll just go wander around the school alone for awhile. They agreed and we agreed to meet up to our assigned room later. I went to another building of the school and I sneaked in, making sure the guard didn't notice me. Yea I was a rule-breaker back then. I walked up the stairs and decided to roam around the rooms. 

As I walk up the stairs I was having this weird feeling that someone was following me. I was a hundred percent sure I was alone in the whole building. I did turned around for a sec in case it was the guard who is following me. I saw no one and so I continued to walk. I ended up at the top floor of the building. The rooms had doors but one of them has a broken lock, and so I sneaked in. It was the darkest room in the hallway since it was located at the very end. All the rooms had glass windows so I can see through the rooms. I don't know if I was hallucinating coz I just saw a little girl peeking through the last dark room. I remembered she had black hair, black eyes and pale skin. I was intrigued on what I saw and so I went inside that dark room. It looks like a storage room inside compared to the other rooms. The room is full of boxes and old school stuff. Then one of the boxes fell. I put it back where it was because the guard might suspect I was in the room.

I roamed around the for awhile looking at the old books and trophies stored there. Something caught my eye as I roamed. I saw a picture frame on the floor with a class picture on it. It looks like in the year between 70's to 80's since this university used to be where my grandma went to when she was young. At the corner of the picture I saw the same girl that peeked through this room. She wears a white uniform with black shoes. She looks serious in her class picture though. When I decided to put it back on the floor from where I saw it, my skin went pale as I saw the same girl just meters away standing in font of me. I couldn't move. 

Her head was facing down, but she slowly moves it up. I don't want to see her face. I'm already terrified. My sweat dripping, my heartbeat racing. I just panicked and ran outside the room. I looked back and saw her pass through the walls of the room, then she floated about two feet from the ground and she reached out her arms trying to catch me. I ran down the stairs as fast as I can like there's no tomorrow. I stopped at the first floor to catch my breath. I looked behind me in case she was close. I saw nothing. I walked fast until I reached the ground floor. I felt relieved as I saw the building exit.

Suddenly, I heard a laugh and I turned to my left. There I saw the girl again with her black hair spread, her black bleeding eyes, and her terrifying wide grin. I couldn't take it anymore and so I ran outside the building and walked fast towards the building on where my our assigned room was.

I came in the room like nothing happened and sat next to my friends. I asked one of my friends if they knew something weird about the building at the east side of this building. One my friends answered and told me that the building has been haunted when a loner girl once committed suicide on her classroom. The room I went in. Strange things are also said to happen in that building and so they built another building, the building I'm in, to transfer the students from the haunted building. 

The old building is now used for storage and no one stayed in that building for a long time. Ever since then, I never came near to that building again. But from time to time, I still see a little girl peeking from the building's window.


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