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Fancy Nancy Doll

ghost doll

There was a girl named Elizabeth. She got a doll from a gypsy. The gypsy said the doll was cursed and whoever owned the doll would have a lot of bad luck coming to them. But Elizabeth was only seven, so she didn’t listen.

When she got home, she showed the doll to her mother, who said the doll was beautiful. So Elizabeth decided to name it Fancy Nancy.

That night, when Elizabeth went to bed, her mother came in to make sure she was asleep. That’s when she saw Fancy Nancy had moved her head slightly. Her mother was terrified, but she knew it was just a doll so she picked it up and put it on the windowsill.

The next morning, Elizabeth’s father came in to wake her up and her mother followed him. That’s when they saw the Fancy Nancy doll was sitting on the floor, holding a crayon. On the wall, there was a message that said: “Elizabeth is mine now”.

Her mother almost fainted but her husband knew Elizabeth was just playing around, so he picked up the doll and set it on the chair in her room. Then he cleaned off the crayon and got Elizabeth up.

Her mother started asking her who put the crayon on the wall and she said Fancy Nancy put it there. Her father told her to stop lying and she said she was telling the truth, but her parents didn’t believe her so they grounded Elizabeth for two days.

That’s when Fancy Nancy said something.

She told elizabeth that she didn’t have to listen to her parents and she could do whatever she wanted to. So Elizabeth did. She went outside and played with her friends and the Fancy Nancy doll watched her through the window. Fancy Nancy was jealous that she was playing with other people and not her.

So that night, the Fancy Nancy doll tied Elizabeth up and said that she would kill her if she ever played with anyone else. Now Elizabeth was actually terrified of her doll. A tear rolled down her face and that’s when Fancy Nancy untied her and apologized.

Elizabeth backed away from her and said she was a monster. The doll lost it and started hitting Elizabeth. Her parents would always ask who did it and she would say Fancy Nancy did and her parents would just laugh.

But, one day the Fancy Nancy doll actually started really hurting her. She gave Elizabeth a black eye because she was talking to her friend Mae. Elizabeth rarely left her room.

Fancy Nancy threatened Elizabeth for years, until she turned thirteen. She gave the doll to a little girl named Penny. Fancy Nancy was mad, but now she had a new person to torture. But after having the doll for one minute, Penny gave it back and ran off.

So Elizabeth went to the gypsy and told her about all the abuse Fancy Nancy had caused her.

The gypsy said, “Well she doesnt like that name.”

Elizabeth felt angry and said, “Then what is her name?”

The gypsy said, “Her name is Elizabeth!”

And thats when elizabeth handed her the doll and said “Now she’s your problem.”

And ever since elizabeth has never bought a doll from anywhere.

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