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Mythical Creatures - A True Story

mythical creatures

Stories of mythical creatures have been around for centuries. Every culture has it’s own gaggle of monsters and beings residing in traditional tales. They uphold morality, teach us modesty, enforce taboos, connect to divinity, warn us of dangers and most importantly, entertain.

In my story, this took place during fall season on my Blackfoot reservation Siksika Nation, in a valley called Little Chicago. I was 15 yrs old finishing my last year in jr high school. One evening, I was in my basement bedroom sitting on my bed doing homework listening to music. Mind you this was a time right before cell phones, YouTube and social media came about. So you could imagine I was pretty focused studying with little distraction. Suddenly, I got startled ?? hearing a loud thud bang against the house outside right next to my window. I jumped up fast standing on my bed thinking whoa what was that!? I quickly drew the curtain to the side and slid the window open to look out ??. When I did it was pitch dark out and I could barely make out what I was looking at. All I could see at first glance was what I thought that looked like the hind legs of a horse very close to my window. Before I could say anything to yell and shoo it away from the house, it lifted one hind leg and back kicked my house basement foundation so close to my window. I felt lucky at this point that it didn’t kick my open window area and kick my face. I assumed our neighbours horses got into our yard and remembered us kids and my mother had planted a flower garden and trees. She always told us to keep the horses out of the yard so they don’t trample over our hard work.

So I raced out of my bedroom running upstairs yelling for my foster sisters/cousins to come help me chase the horses out of the yard. We grabbed pots and pot lids and went to each door front and back. We had these sensor bright yard spot lights that lit the majority of the yard visible right up to the fence. As the lights flashed on we began to smash the pots and lids together to create a loud noise to spook the horses. All of a scary sudden to my surprise, as I was expecting a horse, instead this big husky, dark hairy furry, tall hunched over man came running out heavily from the side of the house in a gallop kind of way with a deep heavy loud growl. My banging with the pots slowed to a stop as I glared trying to focus my 20/20 eagle eye sight. I just so happened to notice besides the hunchback this man had a horse like face with curly horns and he walked on two horse legs with hooves! I gasped looking at my sister quick telling her “Oh My God, did you see that. What the heck was that!?”

It galloped diagonally across the front yard toward the fence with our pit bulls chasing it. As it reached the fence it jump leaped up in the air clearing the fence at ease under it and landed on all four limbs and hopped in and out of the field like a deer fast pacing into the coulees of the hills like a beast. On my reservation there are old stories of hunters in the nearby Sandhills and in the trees along the bow river and cliffs that lies behind my back yard talk of the goatmen, Sasquatch, Thunderbirds and little people. I did a little research and came across a picture of the goatman. I was shocked ?? because it looked exactly like what me and one of my sisters saw that night. Thanks folks for taking the time to check this out.

( just to make things clear)

I don’t own ownership or copyrights to this photo. I just googled the GoatMan and scrolled through photo images till I seen a similarity of what I saw.

I don’t know who’s photo this belongs to nor do I know if it’s photoshopped. All I know is this is exactly what I saw.

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  1. You know that child trafficking syndicate thingy standin around in the forest waiting for kids to go play out there and you need to go up there in the spot you took this picture with some police and some guns and go shoot it 10 times to put it on the ground