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Jenny May

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This story concerns a young girl named Jenny May. She was a new 5th grade student at Marington Elemantry School. The school was preparing for a big show. It was to be a Halloween concert complete with acting, singing and dancing. Because Jenny was the new girl, she hadn’t been assigned a part, but the school wanted to accommodate and include her in the activities. It was decided that, since she was a talented dancer, Jenny would perform in a ballet number.

Jenny’s mother was president of the parents’ council and organized all extra-curricular activities like concerts, teams and recitals for the school. Jenny’s mother decided to hire an entertainer for the young children to keep them busy until it was their turn to perform. She hired a clown named Austin Tyler, who was supposedly new to the business and hadn’t really had an official gig yet. He was hired to entertain the kindergarners from 7pm until they performed at 9pm.

On the day of the show, Austin arrived. He was a friendly, decent looking man. He was tall and had short blond hair that peeked out from underneath his rainbow clown wig. As Jenny shook his hand, he said, “Good afternoon, Ms.May.” His breath smelled terrible, and Jenny barely resisted offering him a mint. She didn’t want to seem rude.

It was soon 6:30, and the show had begun. Everything went smoothly. After Jenny finished her routine at 8:45, she went down to the lowest floor where the kindergardners were waiting. She barely knew her way around the school because it was very large and complex. To get from the gym to the kindergardner’s classroom she had to go down three staircases and through seven halls. She had already gotten lost four times.

Finally, right on time, she got to the classroom and pulled open the door. She peeked inside and gasped. There were twenty-five children in the class, but only five were left in the room.

Blood was splashed on the walls and the five dead bodies were torn and tattered. One was lying in the sink, another was stuffed in a desk, two more were in a crumpled heap in the corner and one was stuck head-first in the fan. Blood was being blown around with the wind.

Jenny tried to scream, but the sound died in her throat. She couldn’t make a noise. She backed out of the classroom and ran down the hall, desperately trying to find her way outside. In her panic, she kept coming to a dead end.

The classrooms were empty because everyone was up at the concert. Jenny tried to find her way back but instead stumbled into the library. She was about to run through it when the elevator doors opened and blood poured out. Seven little bodies were stacked inside. They were mutilated beyond recognition.

Jenny nearly fainted. She stepped backward in fright, but lost her balance and fell through a swinging door. She tumbled onto white tiles and realized she was in the school bathroom. Blood was spattered all over the toilets and sinks. It was even dripping down the walls.

Whimpering, Jenny pulled herself up. The blood was still fresh. That meant this had all happened very recently. She crawled over to the sinks and used the counter to stand up. As she glanced in the mirror, she could see the blood on the wall behind her.

It formed words… Words that could only be seen in a mirror.

In a messy scrawl, it read: “The show must go on”.

The last thing she saw, reflected in the mirror, was a pair of red clown shoes stepping out from one of the stalls.

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