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Sound of Satan - A True Story


I know there are some people who know what this is like. But growing up I was never afraid to be out at night because I was always with my cousins and such. But as I got older I started feeling eerie about things. But fast forward to when I graduated from high school. I was going to go to college out of state so they wanted To have a prayer done for me I agreed and we went to go see an older gentleman a medicine man. And he took us out onto his land where we were overlooking a big cliff and he started singing and my mom and dad did too. 

Meanwhile I kept hearing like branches move and things like that. And I would turn and look hoping to see big foot. Haha. But nothing and I kept thinking like "stop thinking crazy things there's nothing out here watching you guys". Went on the whole prayer. And when we were done my parents and the medicine man were talking and he asked us if we had seen or heard anything. And I just said no. But my mom told me that the medicine man said that while we were there, there was something running around and it was watching us. 

Move forward again to when I came back from college. I moved home and parents wanted me to get blackened. So the medicine man comes over and we're singing a song and where he has all of his tools laid out I hear something. And me being the patient I'm sitting right by him. And I kept thinking it was his phone or something or I thought we left the radio on. And I looked and it sounded like it was coming out of his corn pollen pouch. And I was freaking out. And I listened harder and it sounded like a drum. And this never happens to me but I started crying. 

I don't know what came over me but I was sobbing. And after we were done the medicine man asked us if we heard or had seen anything. And I told him I heard the drum. He smiled and said he heard that too. He said that we heard that because people had been trying to do wrong to us were trying to do it through NAC and they used peyote and the drum. 

Kind of freaks me out. And I've talked to him before and he says I have that gift of knowing things like that. Like seeing and feeling when things like that are present. Whenever I do feel that I just say "not today Satan" haha ?? just felt like sharing y'all have a good day ?? also have a few more stories if interested!

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