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The Death Spirit - A True Story

evil spirit

Like 6 years ago in Hobbema, alberta. Ermineskin townsite to be exact, i woke up at 4-5 in the morning my friend bribed me to go pick him up at the tracks. I was kinda buzzed more sober though, just sick i do not drink no more because of strange events like this. I take a 5 minute drive to the tracks, my friends standing there looking up and comes running in the vehicle. Im like whats wrong with you, hes a big dude to. Hes like theres somethinh flying around over us its way bigger then an owl, drive lets go. So i drive and im trying to calm him down. 

He keeps freaking out and says its following us drive faster, i didnt believe him at first, but he was wierding out my mood. Im cruising through the townsite almost home. Hes was ok for abit, but kept looking out the window. Then hes like its following us drive faster. So i did then park in my driveway and tell him were ok alright. Then hes like look its right there, i look to my left and it was a gargoyle looking creature with huge wings. It lands right in the corner in front of the house on the roof, right in the light, but it was still a black figure it wrapped its wing around itself and knelt downwards. Looking ourway, after that i believed him and we ran inside. 

I was im a downward spiral at the time, it came to my dads two weeks later in the country. Chased away awhole party. Im talking big guys, i was sleeping, these ppl were my relatives. My friend woke me up. Screaming saying she seen that thing i told her about, i sat in the living room with an evil presense taking over my living room, im tellling her its ok she screams and runs up stairs, of course me got freaked and told her to calm down. She said it was standing behind me outside my window its a long window. After that we left. 

I quit drinking sometime after those dark days. To this day i believe that was a death spirit following me and my friends. It was looking to kill steal and destroy our souls. I was trying to commit suicide around that time. This flying creature still is seen everywhere in hobbema. Sadly, young people. Die every other day in my community. At one point it was the top rated suicide place. Im glad i learned from this experience that good and evil are real. Sorry for the long story, i get creeped out thinking of it expecially at night.

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